What a dimension this player makes to our defense, his speed and talent is made to order, this guy can track down the speedier member of the opposing teams back field. Lemon was under so much pressure he was throwing the ball all over the place. The coverage on Boyd ( the leading rusher in the league) was something to behold.

I thought our defence was good without Baggs. With him, there is little doubt in my mind that our defence is emerging as one of the best in the league. I’m looking forward to see what he can do this week against Montreal. Calvillo better get the ball away quickly or he’s going to be on his butt most of the game.

Not comparing the direct impact or results to that when we had Joe Montford, but it is clear that Baggs gives big matchup issues not unlike Joe did against opposing tackles in the league. if you consider that our DE rotation was already developing nicely prior to his debut, Shakespeare's arrival has made our front seven formidable. Greg Marshall's stunting schemes finally have an ultra pair of wheels that make blocking assignments that much more difficult. For me, the proof will be whether the secondary can work in tandem with the front seven and create the synchronicity necessary to rack up hurries, hits, and turnovers. AC has to face that kind of ferocious pressure or we will fall short in November.

Stevie has been great thus far. Props to him and the D for getting on the ball!

Oski Wee Wee,


What impressed me most was that Baggs doesn't quit and goes full speed until the whistle. When he misses getting the QB, he chases down the receiver from behind and even from the other side of the line. He played an outstanding game,

Baggs has been phenomenal. I can’t wait to see what he will do with a full training camp. He’s only been here for a few weeks and he’s been getting better and better. If he keeps this up, he’ll be to this generation what Montford was for me and Covington was for those a tad older than me. I’m not saying he’s with those guys right now, but he has the ability to be mentioned with them if he keeps progressing.

When I heard about the possibility of Baggs joining us after being released by Arizona I refused to believe it.. I kept saying "there is no way, there is no way". Then it was announced, we officially signed him. I almost hit the roof, a friend of mine would vouch for me as all I could say was "Oh My God! STEVIE BAGGS, Oh My God! STEVIE BAGGS".. Looking back it is quite comical and to this day EVERY play Stevie makes I text that same friend "STEVIE BAGGS!" and we laugh about it every time.. LOL

I believe we now have the best front 7 in the CFL hands down.. and the best depth on the D-Line in the league..

I am super pumped to see how the rest of the season plays out and then LOOK OUT its play off time!

GB, I hear you.

In certain quarters, Baggs's success in Saskatchewan was often couched in terms of "he needs John Chick as the bookend to be a bigtime defensive end." I viewed it way differently than those people. I think both Chick and Baggs are great talents and their collaboration only accentuated what each guy individually brought to the table. Montford and Cheatwood, Covington and Walker...there are plenty of examples of this historicallly across the league.

I am optimistic that Stevie will continue to display his talents in this front seven and that his impact re mismatches and double-teaming will allow other members of our D to emerge as pass rushing talent.

Oski Wee Wee,


That's certainly what Perry Lefko thought when he heavily criticized Hamilton for signing Baggs, saying he wasn't worth the money. No one ever said that maybe Baggs made Chick better and, as you said, maybe they made each other better.

I'm just happy that a late-season free-agent signing finally worked out. Not in my wildest dreams did I think Baggs would be this good this soon. I figured he'd be alright this year and then next year he'd take off. I'm glad I have so far been proven wrong. What a great addition.

Lefko has been criticized for what he said at the time of the Baggs signing. Even in this week's "Anatomy Of A Play" article (which was, as usual, a good one) had a quote that might have been directed at Lefko:

Some members of the media criticized the Ticats for signing Baggs, citing the talent that they already had at defensive end. As you can see, it's possible and effective to have them all on the field at once.
[url=] ... ikes-twice[/url]

And Lefko mentioned this criticism of him in this article: ... ats_baggs/

In the article, he said he had "never been critical about Baggs' talent" but here are some quotes from that article:

With all due respect to Baggs, who had an unsuccessful tryout in the National Football League with Arizona, [b]he’s highly overrated.[/b]
And I’m certain if Baggs was really that important, the slumping Roughriders would have found cap space and a way to add him to the lineup.
Did they not learn how bringing in a high-priced player can upset the chemistry of the team...
The Cats couldn’t get Foley, so they rushed after Baggs.

I’m just not sure why.

[url=] ... umn_baggs/[/url]

Well, I think he knows why now.

But enough about Lefko.

I have heard Baggs compared to Covington after last Friday's game. Getting four sacks in as many games can do that. And we were comparing players on this team to the 1986 team not too long ago.