Stevie Baggs

If you are in charge would you phone up Baggs to see where is head is at and if he is interested in playing? It is a tough call...Hawkins, while not hitting the stats hard, had a solid game, and looked really good in the 2nd preseason game, and he would likely have a pay decrease...but it is an interesting thought to ponder.

Hawkins looked really good against Hamilton. He ran to the ball and got a number of tackles down field. I might consider Bagg as a backup, for DE or LB. he’d have to take a salary cut to play here IMO.

No to Baggs.

The coaches have shown they are all over re-generating a team. Don't worry about retreading tires. Focus on our backup Chris Ellis. This guy is as tall as Kenny Rowe and beat Kenny for the job. Ellise plays with a mean streak as well and looks like he really likes to hammer guys.

Maybe if injuries pile and your hand is forced? Then possibly. But if everyone stays healthy keep working on the backups and Vuikune on the PR. One day their time will come.

:thup: :thup:

I dont think we need him. Our line seems pretty good.

i tend to agree, his free agency must at minimum be floating around in the odd mind of a GM here and there though

Baggs and Willis both looked very effective tonight. very Chick and Baggs esq. in my oppinion

I believe you meant Hawkins and Willis, and I agree. Also, I was impressed with Willis on run coverage. One thing Bomber fans kindly pointed out as a concern with Willis was that he was a great pass rusher but faltered stopping the run, a reason he was sat last season. He looked really good against the run, especially forcing that fumble. Rotating Veikune in during a hot game, IMO was a very wise move. he also looked pretty good, and giving the DL a breather was likely a key to their great outing.

We don't need his "Baggage." :lol:

Based on the play against Edmonchuk, we don't need him. He was rumored to be a distraction in the locker room. I did enjoy watching him play though. Also he did play for Chamblin in Hamilton, so Chamblin knows exactly if he would be of use or not.

Gawd NO ! :cowboy: