Stevie baggs

looks like Stevie Baggs Won't be coming to the hammer signed with the cardinals of the NFL

And rumours have Ricky Foley trying out for the Patriots, and a few other NFL teams.

Also Duval, Deangelis, and Medlock have tried out for the Falcons.

I dont’ think there was much chance of him coming here anyway.

Baggs had said he was going where the money was. There wasn't any preferencec for a team just whoever paid the most. If he sticks he definitely got that.

I wouldn't want us to pay him what he thinks he's worth. We couldn't afford it. :lol:

He wasn't even the best defensive lineman on the market anyway. That title goes to Keron Williams, if we can get him, instant upgrade to our team, it would put our defensive line up there with the best of them.

I'm glad Baggs went to the NFL because I certainly didn't want him here. Would have been a waste of cap space.

I dunno about that...He has a lot of ability and as always, for the right price could only help our D-line.

Well of course he could help our D-Line. The right price part is what is likely to be unlikely.

I also liked our line's chemistry at the end of the year.

Isn't John Chick in the NFL now, to?

Yes he is.

For now. We'll see what happens at training camp.