Stevie Baggs

Like last year, the "W" is worth more than the player awards. They have to play some Friday games so he can get a watch to match Omar's.

God damn that spin move Stevie put on Murphy to get hat safety was amazing. I think BAggs proved that Murphy isn't really worth the money he's being paid, and definately not as good as people thought in BC.

That's an opinion. Mine is that one play doesn't determine your effectiveness. Murphy played really well against the CFL's best DE.

I dont think we can call him the best DE yet.... It has only been two games

Then don't. Leave that part up to me!

Stevie Baggs HAS been the best d-lineman in the CFL, SO FAR this year! Is that specific enough yet?

Why not just state that that's not your opinion? There are no facts when anylizing a group like this, but I clearly stated my opinion. Why can't you just leave it or give us your opinion? Who is the guy you'd pick J-man?

Since last year I thought he had a lot of skills. However, two real good games doesn't make anybody the best at anything. I'm not saying he won't be the best, I am saying it's too early to say that.

baggs is one guy i still cant believe the bombers released, gives his all every play, good spirited guy and as we can see from the first two games of this season he's enormously talented. good pick up riders, he's a keeper

The Riders seem to have a knack for finding and developing good D-line talent year after year. Very impressive, this Baggs guy. My Als are going to have their hands full this Saturday.

Nice point. I'm saying it isn't too early. You happy?

Clearly Baggs has impressed so far. Is it just me or has anyone else notices he seems to have really thin and flimsy ankles?

What are you? A bone doctor? How do you(specifically) quantify the mass and/or rigidity of an ankle?

Don't worry about it man!

I dunno about his ankles. He's wickedly pigeon-toed. that may be what you're seeing.


Chill the frick out. This was just an observation I had. Look at his ankles. What are you some kind of internet doctor? Have a nice day. :roll:

Pay no attention to Scribe...he has built a reputation for complete over-reactions to seemingly innocuous statements...

Thanks I'll try to ignore her in the future, I always have to laugh at those type of ppull who have so much pent up frustrations they have to try to act tough on an internet board. :rockin:

Look at the numbers Kitwana and Maurice are putting up in Edmonton, compared to our defence. We are better off without them. Stevie Baggs and Co. had one rough game and 2 solid games. GO GREEN

It's called pigeon-toed.

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Were it not for Fantuz and Eddie Davis, I'd probably be saying that Baggs is my favourite Rider this season...........

Thanks. I had come to realize that since my initial post about the matter but had not seen this article. :rockin: