Stevie Baggs

Watching him play against BC left little doubt he deserved the D player of the week award, with Omarr coming in as the runner up. Kinda mends the heart a bit since giving Kitwana up for basically nothing at all.

Based on what has happened, Kitwana would have been cut, and we'd have got nothing for him. I presume management expected this, and rolled the dice on a young kid QB. We bought a chance, which is more than what we would have got had we kept him and then cut him.

Look at the veteran players who were released in the offseason or pre-season for zippo - Glenn, Hunt, Armstrong, Smith, Clermont, Armour -all former all-stars, with Hunt the oldest at 32. Given this list, just what do you think Kitwana is worth on the trade market?

Yeah, not to sound like AustinPowers (R.I.P.), but I don't get this "we know better than the coaches" attitude. They know stuff we ordinary fans will never know. Just because we don't know it doesn't mean it's not there. Conversely, because we ought to know that we don't know everything they know, we ought to have just a little more faith. And before Arius et al. are all over me, I ain't talking blind faith, but basic, professional faith that they actually know a little bit about what they are doing and that, believe it or not, they are acting in the best interests of the team trying to build a team that WINS, as much as we want to have a team that WINS. Our coaches and GM are not deliberately trying to make the team worse. But few decisions are cut and dry, so they have to exercise judgment based on what they know, as imperfect as that is, but that is certainly more than what we know. Ya know???

A look at a prospect is better than nothing just like being given a lottery ticket is better than not having one. For either one, chances are remote that you will cash in but at least you had the chance ...

Exactly. Thank you.

I love the way Baggs played, but I also thought Morgan’s plays had a larger impact on BC and hence he could have won the award.

Wecome to the SMS era! There will be at least one impact player traded for something considered to be less valueble every year.

Just think. Baggs played for Edmonton and Winnipeg before the Riders. So how did they manage to misevaluate his talent and allow us to get to him? I can tell you it wasn’t a misevaluation, both players(Kit and Baggs) were just a casualty of circumstance with both clubs.

I hate to keep beating a dead horse but it is just a consequence of the injuries we suffered in 08’ and a slightly mismanaged salary system.

Please forward your name and address on a self addressed stamped envelope to the CFL in order to receive your fine for stating your honest opinion on the SMS :lol:

So far Baggs has been a beast for us. Forced fumbles, pressure on the qb. Not quite a Fred Perry buzzing around making tackles all over the place yet, but with time and experience you never know. I can tell you that even though Buck got away from us alot, it sure was nice to se that pressure on the QB again. That goes for the whole unit.

Funny u should mention Arius. On the Bomber page I was wondering where he was. With all the Armstrong controversy and the sandlot esq home opener, I was looking forward to hearing his take on the first week ofthe season. He hasn't been around much, or if he has, he hasn't posted as much as usual.

why the rip?

Toronto has seen this new defence now. Baggs, Chick and company. This week will tell us more about the Riders D.

Ah, hadn’t posted a rant in a long while … getting warmed up for the season ahead :smiley: It’s not about anyone in particular. Actually, I think it has more to do with what I read on other rider forums. This team is more successful consecutively than it has been in years and still there is so little faith, so little joy. Had to let it out. Thanks for asking though 8)

I think he was asking about the R.I.P

Ah, that rip! Just that he hasn't posted in a very long time so I figure he must have "passed away" from this virtual world.

I think he was eliminated by those here with the red buttons.

Halftime Als and Eskies. Kitwana Jones has not played on defence. Only playing on special teams. Baggs looked great last week. Hope he can do it again against the Argos.

I'm not going to be all over you....
I thought all along Kit was in tough to make the team as a starter. Because Stevie Baggs was so impressive last year. And of course the management aren't deliberately trying to make the team worse. But they do make mistakes, and even though I thought Baggs might start, the Kit trade was still not a good one on several levels. First, all I heard heading to TC was Stevie Baggs wouldn't make the team either. Too small, just like Kit. And my response then and now is, you bring your vets to camp and let them battle for a job. If they get cut, fine. If they keep their job, terrific. Either way, the team is better for it. Every year I expect Chunky to get cut. And every year he stomps the competition and survives. Good for him. Maybe Kit would have done the same. We'll never know. Lots of people were talking about Omarr losing his job this year. I personally felt he would be pushed. And I think he was. And now he looks great. Competition is nothing to be feared. And neither is "cutting a veteran and getting nothing". Especially when you realize that was what we got anyway. Having Kit in camp and having that competition was and is worth more than the QB we got. I am a big Stevie Baggs fan. And I liked Kit. I think Kit would have thrived in the Etch D, as opposed to those who claimed there was no place for him. But if Baggs can play an entire season as he has started, we have finally replaced Fred Perry, not Kitwanna Jones....

I think the entire "Mike/Happy to be Green/AustinPowers" thing had a few casualties.....

Less lively debates now, but I think we're better off without those posters.

Yeah, it is def quieter now.

Throw in "kel" and you have a quartet from internet hell.....

Repeat D player of the week? I don't remember anyone else having the impact Baggs provided!! As Pierre McGuire says "He's a MONSTER!! Glad he's on our side!!