Stevie Baggs Watch

He's the last NFL cut with CFL connections left that I'm aware of; the most prominent anyway.

Obie, please bring him here!

Oh, oh, bring another XXX to Hamilton thread I see. :o :wink:

It's my first (I think).

I’d take him in a heartbeat.

If we sign him my heart will skip a beat.

Then again the last time that happened was with Printers and that didn’t work out too well.

Watch.....either BC or the Argos will end up with him.

didnt Obie sign glenn, who got the cats to the playoffs in his first year with the team?
what about stalla? what about otis floyd?

so add glenn, stalla and floyd to the list with bruce.

the cats have been much better WITH Obie then they were without him, IMO.

Jamall Johnson anyone?

Glenn, Floyd and Stala were on the team last year. So once again, who has Obie brought in (from training camp) who has made an immediate and lasting impact. I will give you one player, Hayward. Other than that Porter has taken 5 steps backwards, Cobb has taken sissy pills and the play calls are predictable. I feel Obie should be doing that Mel Lastman thing a center field

He signed Thigpen and Belton Johnson.

How many teams that weren't completely gutted and rebuilt have brought in players that have made an immediate impact? Off the top of my head only Calgary. Winnipeg and Toronto were completely gutted, BC was partially rebuilt, and Edmonton while they weren't rebuilt, haven't brought in anyone new who has made a difference.

If you put it into the proper context he's done a fine job, and I'm not even a Ticat fan. Wanna trade GM's?

I have a feeling you are going to get him, real soon.