Stevie Baggs unhappy

I dont' know if anybody else read the article on baggs in todays startphoenix,

Basically baggs is unhappy with the fact that chick got selected for outstanding defensive player rep for the Riders
and he said a few nasty things in the article.

My opinion is that even though baggs has the better stats and what not he needs to get his head outta his butt and be thingking about a sweet GC ring on his hand not an award for outstanding D player.

I am not happy with Baggs' actions on this considering how he maintains that he is always humble I hope he pulls his act together for the sake of the team!! I do no have the link for this story but if anyone can find it please post

I agree he should have not opened his mouth but come on..double the tackles..more sacks..more picks..player of the week 3 times and player of the month for August, I would be pissed off too. It is not like he will divide the locker room with his comments..he is fired up and it should only motivate him being the competitor he is. I think his one quote sums it up. "I'm happy for John but I wonder what more I had to do." It is always nice to be recognized and I think he should have been given the proper recognition. Yes, the ring should be everyone's focus right now but I'm not sure how they would jusitfy John over Stevie. I'm a big fan of both those guys and we'll need them both for the playoff run. Hopefully Chick continues to play and Stevie gets mad and plays even harder if at all possible.

If this team needs anything going into the final stretch it is emotion and maybe Stevie can kickstart that emotion.

Here is a link:

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Baggs should ttake this anger and turn it into putting Burris 6ft under! make them have to play their backup QB for the rest of the season! :rockin:

We need to destroy the Stamps, make the rest of the West scared of our Riders!!!!

...^^ well, that's a disturbing post... individual player award carries more weight on the resume than a team award, sho' me the money baby...

ya i have no idea why baggs didnt get picked and i would be choked to but i would also keep my mouth quite and use it as fuel for the fire

2006-2007 Stevie Baggs CFL career war floundering , never getting the opportunity to really prove his skills. That was his time to be miffed.

He's genuinly appreciative just to be playing the game, and I think his charactor is way above boo hoo hooing over a cheesy nomination.

Murray McCormick's piece is just more low brow sports journalism at it's finest.

Look everyone Sandro DeAngelis posts on this forum! Wow.