Stevie Baggs signs on with Ravens

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[b]Minutes before the Ravens were scheduled to begin practice at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday, the organization announced it had signed Stevie Baggs Jr. to the roster.

The 30-year-old linebacker has spent time with the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions, but has played mostly in the Canadian Football League. Listed at 6-foot-1 and 241 pounds, Baggs is a pass-rushing linebacker.

The Ravens have been practicing at less than full strength at linebacker. Rookie outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw (bruised right shoulder) has not participated for five consecutive days, inside linebacker Josh Bynes (undisclosed) has sat out four straight practices, and inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe (undisclosed) did not take part in Friday’s session.

Baggs fills the roster spot created when the team released offensive tackle Paul Madsen on Friday.[/b]

Good for him! I always liked Stevie. Keeping my fingers crossed for him down there.

All the best to him. Shows just how both the CFL and NFL aren't that far off in terms of talent. That being said, certain media will suggest otherwise. :roll:

For a guy who has been socalled blackballed in the CFL , hope he does well :thup:

So...Baggs is now a "pass rushing linebacker" in the NFL...

Good luck with that with The Ravens,Stevie...

Cut from my favourite CFL team...signs with my favourite NFL team < That just does not make much sense

I would say Baggs will be jockying for a PR spot but who would waste a PR spot on a 30 year old journey man? Ravens are too deep at linebacker to make a dent at any real playing time unless he is a stud on special teams.

He's filling a practice spot for now. They need bodies at LB for the preseason. He may make the roster, but I doubt he stays on past Mid-October. As those guys come back from injury etc., he'll be expendable.

Too bad, I really like the guy.

Why was he "black-balled"?

100% right, he is a training camp body. Will see some action in preseason but won't make the team out of training camp.

He doesn't have any PR eligibility left and the Ravens would rather pay a rookie an entry level salary than pay Baggs a veteran minimum salary.

If reports come out of Ravens camp and games that he played okay, you might see a team with issues on the DL take a crack at him up here in Canada when he gets released.