Stevie Baggs released

Good luck friend!

Sorry to see you go!


Source? If so, this is a shocker, no?

I am too angry to post my thoughts right now....

OK no I'm not. This sucks hardcore. OMG I am so ticked off.

All the best to Stevie. A true gentleman and class act and a great football player. WTF is going on around here?

I've been saying since last season that he isn't a very good player. People are going to freak out, but it's a good move. He was likely one of the highest paid defensive ends in the league, but played at an average level last season, even with Hickman getting all the attention from other teams.

Why is it that when a player signs in Hamilton, he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when he's released from Hamilton, he's not a very good player?

Because some people don’t see the big picture and realize that sometimes it’s the crappy defensive scheme and not the talent (or lack thereof) of the player.

I guess I'm just surprised to see this release with Hickman already having gone to the NFL. Creehan, I guess, is counting on Obie bringing in some diamonds in the rough from the US college ranks.

Baggs did suffer a little bit from Chamblin's defensive scheme, but even when Baggs was given the opportunity to rush the passer, he did nothing. People Make it sound as though Baggs was dropping into coverage on every series when really it only happened once or twice a game, if that. He got just 5 sacks in 18 games and that was with Hickman on the other side garnering all the attention from the opposing offense.

-- sorry, it took me awhile to find something official as a source

[url=] ... ease-baggs[/url]

Apparently he was asked to re-write his contract.
He refused.
He was released.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

"A CFL source requesting anonymity said the Ticats approached Baggs about re-doing his contract. When Baggs refused, the club let him go."

Or, maybe he wasn't:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost
#Ticats did not attempt to re-negotiate Baggs' deal before releasing him.!/scratchingpost/status/180400393421987840

Unless he was being vastly overpaid, I don't think this was a good release. Obie seems to play a lot of this kind of hardball. A lot of "You didn't produce last year, take a pay cut or you're gone" even though a big part of the reason that production wasn't there was due to some bad defensive schemes.

i'm truly surprised by this move from the Ti-Cats.

must be a salary issue cause it's the only thing that makes sense right now.

I'm not sure if anyone else is going to pick up his ability.

I'd be thinking he's finished.

Probably just overpriced himself with other and newer talent out there. :?

Maybe Creehan's guy, Odell Willis, is on his way?

Stevie Baggs contract.

From Sept. 2010

[url=] ... ign_baggs/[/url]

[b]The Ticats gave Baggs a $50,000 signing bonus with a weekly salary of $5,000. The Roughriders were in play for Baggs' services, offering the same weekly salary, but a signing bonus of just $25,000. The Alouettes were also in the running, having contacted Baggs three times and had a compensation package similar to Hamilton's.

He was rumoured to return to Regina or end up in Edmonton, where former Riders general manager Eric Tillman is now heading the Eskimos football operations department. Tillman dispelled that thought on his second day on the job, believed because the price was too high for the 28-year-old's services.[/b]

Baggs is still relatively young at 30 and should have 4-5 years remaining, injury permitting.

Admittedly, this is an astonishing development, although I'm certain Stevie will catch on with another club and is more than capable of registering a good 8+ sacks a season if utilized properly.

still a shock though..

another talent wasted and career ruined in hamilton. :thdn:

I'm surprised by this one. I was hoping he would have a bounce back season with an improved defensive coordinator but I guess not. Unless this is to save money on another big player, I'm not sure why this was done.

I don't find it's in good faith, given how frequently this seems to happen in Hamilton. Basically the message Obie is sending here is you're on a one-year contract unless everything goes your way in year one. The second you dip, we'll cut you loose or ask you to take substantial paycuts. Burris and Fantuz had better hope things work out for them in 2012 or this could be their fate in 2013.