Stevie Baggs - Defensive POW

Last week John Chick and this week Stevie Baggs - Way to go guys - your work and dedication does not go unnoticed.
Weston Dressler probably would've taken offensive POW if not for the staggering rushing performance of Fred Reid.

Chick n' Baggs!!!!!!!!!!!

I am confident that these guys are keepers.

I look forward to many more games of defensive excellence.

I'm trying to come up with a poster to take to the LDC, something that TSN is safe to show..something like:

another QB sack in the Baggs, or what a kick in the Baggs

Even my own elderly mother, who watched the MTL game with us laughed when the play-by-play said 'Sacked by Baggs", she said it was too bad Calvillo's first name wasn't Dick, so they can say Dick is sacked by Baggs....

my own mother.......

I think she saw Beavis and Butthead! :lol:

Hilarious!! You're mom's cool!!

I saw a kid with a sign at a game that said,

"Hey Edmonton! How does Stevie Baggs taste?"

Some more for ya:

"Stevie Baggs Another!!"
"Stevie Baggs hits you where it hurts!"
"You've just been Stevie Bagged!"
"You've just been Bagged!"
"Rob and Stevie: A tale of two Baggs"
"Big, mean, hairy Baggs!"

On a side note:
Did you know that his nickname in college was "Shakespeare" because all he did was make plays - True Story.

Now he's been named Defensive Player of August. Bravo. It's a treat and a privilege to watch you play.