Baltimore Ravens
Matt Balasavage (TE) Taken off IR (ankle).
Stevie Baggs (LB) Taken off IR (leg).
Stevie Baggs (LB) cut.
Matt Balasavage (TE) cut.

Should we give him an invite?

To quote SCSA - Oh Hell Yeah!


Nope. He's not an upgrade. I'm sorry & I know I'll get a lot of flack on this, but Stevie is overrated. Rode the coat-tails of John Chick & Justin Hickman. I realize he has a lot of fans & supporters, but he' was never as good as he marketed himself. More sizzle than steak. He always gets himself into the picture but he's never making the play. Master marketer - average player.

I wonder what Shakespeare, (a nickname her game himself btw), will explain why he was cut from Baltimore? He can't say it was a financial issue this time since he was at league minimum & being on IR doesn't count against the cap. Seems like the absolute definition of; "Football Reasons".

Besides, it's a moot point. He was cut from Hamilton. Cut by the men who are still in their current positions. If he wasn't good enough for them then, what makes him good enough for them now?

He's also a free agent and eligible to sign with whatever CFL team he wants. After how his tenure in Hamilton ended, it's not necessarily a given that he'd want to come back to the Cats. Maybe Winnipeg?

Cut there too.

8) I agree with you. You are right !!!
  We need new, fresh, tough young studs on our D Line, and if Obie can't find any, then he isn't doing his job !!

Huh? He was cut from Winnipeg? When?

You'll need a Kevlar flack jacket as well Tipper!

I agree with you and Tipper

He was on Wpg’s PR in 2006. Released that same year.

That's what I thought before the season started. thought he was over rated.

Now, seeing the lack of pass rush, and run stoppage, I think he would be an upgrade. He's gotta be better than what there's now.

What does that have to do with his chances of landing in Winnipeg today? Mack wasn't even GM for the Bombers in 2006.

Realize that so far this year, the majority of sacks have come from “true” defensive linemen. Not NCAA/NFL converted linebackers that play rush end here in the CFL. The speed rusher from the edge that sweeps wide around the outside is not what is occurring in the game anymore.

Of the Top 10 sack leaders in the league through the first half of the season - 5 are defensive tackles & 5 are defensive ends. Of the 5 defensive ends, 2 are converted defensive tackles. And of the 3 remaining defensive ends, they are true defensive ends who played that position in college & the NFL if they got the chance.

In general, they’re all over 6’3 & more than 270 pounds. They are collapsing the pocket from the inside or outside. Quick spin moves, rips, the odd stunt twist here and there. No big wide sweeping rushes from the stand-up position on the edge.

Also realize that the majority of the sacks are coming from teams with very, Very, VERY experienced Defensive Coordinators and/or defensive minded Head Coaches. Benavides/Stubler. Reed. Chamblin/Hall. Burke. Rienbold.

I welcome better. I’d welcome any big studs via NFL free agency. But unfortunately I don’t think it’ll change much. Our cook, Creehan, would turn Grade AAA Prime Rib into ground chuck & make sloppy joes out of it!

Very true. Mack wasn't there back in 2006. But he was this off season. If he wanted Baggs he could have signed him then. In fact 7 other GM's couldve, but they didn't.

I guess what I was trying to say was that Baggs has been with 7 teams in 8 seasons. If he was that good you'd think someone would have kept him, locked him into a contract ... Not just out'n'out cut/release him.

Small sample size, but his play following his initial signing with Hamilton was far from "more sizzle than steak." He was the defensive player of the month in October of that year and did it without riding anyone's coattails. He had 22 tackles, five sacks, one interception and two touchdowns in just seven games. I think the change in defensive philosophy hurt Baggs more than any other player (with the possible exception of Markeith Knowlton). Looking at what the team trots out there now, I don't see why Baggs wouldn't be an upgrade. But this is all moot anyway because he's not going to return.

Valid points. He did look very good in the first month of his return to the CFL after his 2nd try at the NFL.

And yes, system changes probably did affect his play last year.

Main point though is 7 teams in 8 years & no one has thought it important enough to lock him up or sign him to an extension. He's been cut by half of the CFL. Never played more than a season & a half anywhere. Was a healthy scratch in the EDSF. It's not just one GM or Coach who is questioning his ability. It's many. And many more saying so by saying nothing & not signing him.

Don't get me wrong though. I think he's a very decent human being. Good with fans. Good in the community. By all accounts, good in the locker room & a good team mate.

I just saw him "doggin it" too many times when watching the game film closely. I think that might be what others have seen as well. Lastly, I do remember an interaction in training camp last year in which Avon Cobourne questioned Stevie's work ethic. I guess that stuck with me from that point onwards & I can admit to looking for faults in his game. (Which were many but by no means is he unique in flaws & faults)

I will admit my bias towards players who let their game speak for itself. To me Stevie talked a better game than he played.

Yes we should.

Yeah well that's assuming management did everything right in the first place. You really think management is making all the right decisions?

Definitely not. No way do I think management is making all the right decisions by any stretch of the imagination. But this one, releasing Stevie Baggs, is not one that they will reverse themselves upon. They were quite clear it was for football reasons. Theres no way they're going back on that now.

But I do think they're right in this case. Stevie Baggs Would not make the team better for the reasons I've detailed in earlier posts.