Stevie Baggs coming to Calgary

Baggs was released by the Ravens today and is coming to the Stamps.. As per Twitter

Is he really going to matter there?

Well I should certainly hope not! :slight_smile:

The NFL site says actually that he was cut on 4 September three days ago, so something has been in the works all week.

It's not like Calgary does not need help on defence, but I don't want him sneaking into your lineup tonight.

Go ahead and take your time Stevie.

Baggs is a bum... his years after his one good year as a Rider(with Chick on the other end), proved it...

22 tackles, five sacks, three fumble recoveries, one interception and two touchdowns in seven games after he returned to the CFL in 2010. Oh, he was also the defensive player of the month for October of that year. Yup, sure looks like he only ever had one good season. :roll:

then what happened?

I guess your local green Kool-Aid went sour again as usual when any player you can use leaves and plays for a competitor.

You all better brew a new batch and try to get over it again I guess. :thup:

I liked him when he was in Hamilton but overrated no question.

Heading to Calgary....possible.

Man he was good for 7 games after he came back to CFL... Thats not Rider bias. He did fall off big time.

Yeah that is consistent play until now... :roll: :roll: ... if he was so good, why did the Cats release him then?

Paolo, you know about as much as the cfl as Kanga-Kucha did... actually he knew more... go look him up, then you will know how big of a statement that is... :lol:

I was watching him during his last go around with the Cats and he looked done.
That's why he was released.

Liked Baggs but in Hamilton he started off good but faded quickly.

If Baggs is down and out due to injury now, that's one thing and it happens in football and in life. There is no need to chide any player in such a state as some are shamefully doing here. That's just plain low.

Otherwise if Baggs can recover to full health again, and as one commenter said below he could be one injury away from having made the Baltimore Ravens' defence, he's one damn good linebacker!

We don't need him in Edmonton, but if all other teams in the CFL follow some of these comments by fans that somehow aside from debilitating injury that Baggs is washed up even though he almost made the Ravens, Edmonton should grab him!

What I am hearing in some of these comments below is a lot of resentment that Baggs, who was cut, left the CFL and not much more. Sure a player can be great and not mix well with a CFL team too, and I agree no doubt that he faded in Hamilton but that does not make him a sorry player as a few on here are implying or stating!

Hamilton please stay away from that Kool-Aid they drink in Saskatchewan a whole lot also especially when solid players leave them.

We'll see if Baggs recovers and if he does, he'll be back playing pro football somewhere. I hope it is the CFL too!

Other than one month in Hamilton where he played well, he just wasn't the same player when he had a great rush end helping out him in Sask... that is the reality not the so called "kool-aid" BS you are spouting... :roll: :roll: Maybe you should watch some CFL games and you will see what we are talking about...

Sambo as you and some others have the advantage of seeing action that I did not get to see, I would be inclined to agree with you at least in some part, but to assert that as a player Baggs is somehow washed up, lest this latest injury is just that serious as no one knows but could be the case with his release by the Ravens, is where I have a major issue.

Some of that talk is just sour grapes because he did not work out with the Ti-Cats too.

We won't ever agree about the Kool-Aid though as fans of serious rival teams. :lol:

It's another five weeks before we meet again for our last meeting this season too, so on with all that for awhile longer if not into also the playoffs too.

I don't know if I would say washed up. Past his Prime is more like it. He was great in Sask, and Good in hamilton. His performance in Sask was what got him a big contract in Hamilton, and he must have been doing something right to catch on with Baltimore.

I hope he is able to make an impact in Calgary, just not while they are playing the Riders.

Agreed. Baggs is no bum. he's a playmaker. I wouldn't mind seeing him taking Hawkins' spot for the green and white actually, although they could use a tackle more than and end right now.

Because Cortez didn’t like his face or something. He wanted to make a point, cut a talented guy. Now he is 3-7.