** Stevie Baggs charity bowling event Sept. 18

"If you like to bowl and are a fan of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, clear your calendar on Sunday, September 18 from noon to 4 p.m. for the "Bowl With A Tiger-Cat Family Day" presented by Ti-Cat defensive end Stevie Baggs Jr. and his charitable organization, "The Ceta Foundation" at Splitsville Entertainment bowling lanes at 1525 Stonechurch Road east."

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I am sure my daughter would LOVE to attend. She is a huge fan of Stevie and that is actually her birthday.

That's a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday. Bowling alley's aren't the places they used to be. They are exciting, high energy and kid-friendly. Bowling is a lot of fun ! :smiley:

Just a friendly "bump" 8)

Come on out to this fun event!

Three more sleeps ...... :smiley:

Forget cutting the grass or washing the car...... pack the kids up and go bowling with a Tiger-Cat today ! 8)


As well as players, actor Jim Carrey's sister, Rita Carrey, (a huge Ticats fan) attended the Stevie Baggs bowling event today with one of the movie prop penguins from his latest movie he gave her to be auctioned off soon for her own charity.

..very cool! 8)