Stevie Baggs and Marwan Hage on Off The Record

Stevie Baggs will be on TSN on Off the Record today Nov 8th at 5pm!! :rockin: :rockin:

Just started. Stevie and Marwan guests.

Should also be on TSN2 a 6:00

20 minutes into the show and the "Ti-Cats vs. Argos in the Playoffs Week" is officially underway with this statement from Stevie Baggs: "Adriano Belli is a 300-pounder who wears Daisy Dukes."

Stevie was defending a fellow cat after Belli had been doing some of his own trash talk about Hage.


AHhhh, I missed this ???

thanks for the heads up anyway.

OTR is great…

You can watch it online here.

I didn't see them say anything about Belli

Just Stevie did after Michael asked him if what Belli said about Hage was true (that he was a 12 pound sack of crap in a 10 pound bag or something like that).I forgot what Stevie said though.

I don't think they showed that in the online version.

There was a few minutes of interesting discussion between the Stevie and Marwan on how hard tackles should be, given the high number of injuries that happen. Marwan basically said football is a game and not an opportunity to go out and hurt somebody. Stevie said hard tackling is part of the game.
The rest was monkey chatter about nonsense and a complete waste of time.

I found it entertaining that Stevie couldn't quote a single line of Shakespeare. :smiley:

safety: It was Othello specifically that he couldn't quote. That was part of the "nonsense" I was referring to.
Marwan left it wide open when he said at one point that Hamilton has a simple offence. Why the heck did Landsberg not pick up on that and ask him why?
That is not my favourite TSN show by a long shot. It doesn't work and the name of the show is a how can it deliver? How can comments made on TV ever be "off the record"?
It looked to me like the program is aimed at sucking players into making controversial comments. Marwan was on to that and knew better. He refused to criticize Cleo Lemon saying he was there "to talk about the Tiger-Cats". Good for Marwan.

During the discussion about head shots, Baggs said they're part of the game, although head shots meant as deliberate intents to injure were across the line and should be cracked down on. He then mentioned the Xenith helmet, but it didn't go anywhere from there.

Agree that the show in general is pretty lame, that it really doen't get into any depth on much of anything. The head shot issue was the only discussion of value. Too bad they didn't give the Xenith helmet a second mention. Maybe it would have made more people aware of this better option, and in turn encouraged the league to rethink its equipment endorsement contract.

Not sure why people are bashing OTR ...
It might bot be the best show but its one of the only shows that has cfl players on it.

Not the players I have a problem with. It's the format...and the host. Never been a fan.

But you're right, it is good to see the players outside of game situations.

I agree, the host gets little respect from most people that knows sports.


Wow. Thanks alot - appreciate it.

Will have to watch it for sure. I like Michael Lansberg, he's quirky and goofy sometimes and his laugh can be troublesome :wink: but I think he really respects CFL players and likes having them on the show.

I tell you at Limeridge Stevie Baggs was a character, actually a lot of them are that night. I can see why the girls like some of these guys. Bruce's biceps are friggin big for a not so big guy at a receiver position.