Stevie Baggs and Avon Cobourne

I can only wonder what our situation would be like if we had these two on our team still.

Sure, some say that "better is better" and some say they are "too old". Well, they both got cut and "how's that working out for us"? :roll:

I say, they should have been kept on the team.

I think both can help us...and we need help on both sides of the ball. :wink:

What would be the down-side inviting them back?

rediculous foroum ever hear of no future living in the past

No downside, well mabey salary demands. But both would provide some leadership on both sides of the ball. Avon would hold people accountable. He wouldn't have dropped that screen pass in Sask or in TO I can guarantee you that.

You have to make sure Future guy is here and ready before hand.

Avon yes

Stevie no

The problem with both players is the amount of money they would want, I'm not big on Baggs but I would definitely take Avon.

Last year Avon made $180,000.00 to return to the Cats after Mallet got hurt, I'm sure now he would demand about the same or more since being released?

Instead of getting Baggs, I would rather see Hamilton get in Fredric Pleasius as a Canadian Rush End, he's young, strong and fast and same size as Joe Montford, teach this kid the swim move on the line that Montford made famous and now we have potential QB destroyer on the D line.

Maybe, now, they will get a call. I sure hope so. I think we would be in better shape than we are...and I wish they didn't drop Markeith.

Sure we got Issac, but how long did that last?

We've kept J.J., how's that working out for us? Of course there's nothing wrong with J.J., feel free to replace that name with any player currently on the team. The point is that it's silly to cherry pick one factor and say "we're still losing, therefore my pet issue is the cause of all our woes".

Have you noticed the bidding war of all the teams jockying to snap up Baggs and Cobourne? People complain about us taking other teams' "castoffs", yet there are some folks who think we should sign aging players that even the other 7 teams don't want.

Avon won't be coming back. Think about it from his point of view: would you work for a company that fired you twice within one year for being 'too old'?

what's the worst that can happen? you continue to lose? there's no downside to bringing them in.

Bags that sun has set , Avon well 746 yds last year and he didn't play all season speaks for itself , if he even wants to play or is in shape is the 150,000 question plan B for Boyd 8)

I think that Johnny Shepherd is available

Those 7 other teams are not the Ticats. We could have used them and we need them.

Baggs was a LASD ASS when he came back here from the nfl tryout....he was patheric looking out there and his played showed....and that was 2 years ago!!!! and you want him back???? you gotta be kidding me! lol

IMO Baggs is finished. Calgary cut him in training camp. Avon can still play but last year it took him a while to get into game shape, unless he did things differently since the end of last season, it would be even more difficult for him to do this year. Victor Anderson who was released by Montreal is young, healthy and has a lot of upside. Really good locker room guy too. Can catch , run and block.