Stevie Baggs Added To Active Roster

8) Drew is reporting that the Stampeders today added Baggs to their active roster.
  Drew  asks, "I wonder how motivated Stevie will be to play against his old team tomorrow night"  ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I know Marquay McDaniel won't be motivated as he has been removed from the active roster. :wink:

Marquay is hurt.

I always liked Stevie and I wish him well. i think he got the short end of the stick here. Chamblin stunk as a DC and I am not 100% sold on Cortez and his ability to evaluate talent.

In addition to Baggs, I'm sure Glenn, DeWit, Bauman, Bolden, Armstead and Kornegay have all been looking forward to playing this one. Too bad McDaniel's injury came just a week before the Tigers come to cowtown. He's been a big part of their offence in recent games.