Stevens shines in win over Riders

CALGARY β€” The Calgary Stampeders earned a 36-10 victory over the West Division rival Saskatchewan Roughriders as the 2022 CFL regular season officially comes to a close.

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What about Bo?

Milt seems to "know" Bo will be with a watermelon helmet next year
That ain't the fix for the Rider woes . I think last night Fine was in the shotgun and a two man rush was in his grill in less than 2 seconds on one play and he was sacked on the play
O-line gave up more than 70 sacks on the season... was not the fault of Cody by any means


Slightly related, yes Riders out of playoffs but Riders are making emergency appeal to CFL board of Governors to ask for special Induction of Mason Fine into Canadian Football League HOF . They are asking that the presentation to Fine be ready for a special ceremony at the upcoming Grey Cup in Sask. The Artist states he can rush a likeness of Mason in time. This all based on his incredible performances from last 2 games

I thought the rider o line should get some sort of reverse HOF award

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I think you're talking about 'The Hall of Shame'


All very critical of the Riders and Fine. OK so maybe they are not up to PAR with Bombers. Lions & Stamps. Hey some team has to lose in a game. But FANS forgets that the Opposition (Stamps) just might have been the reason Fine & Riders didn't look as if their play wasn't as good as expected. I thought Rider Fans were always supportive
Truth is Bombers have been Dominant for 3 years now. Great Coaching & Great players under a restrictive CAP. Can't blame the other 8 teams for Bomber success (& LUCK). All anyone can do is hope their team somehow gets an upper hand and dethrones those Winnipeg players. All Players & Coaches are doing their best to do that. They are after all Professionals getting paid to work hard.
By the way..... The Article is about the Stamp's QB - Steven's performance!!!

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Cannot take anything away from the stamps. They have contender team for sure. But let's get honest not a QB. In the CFL or NFL would looked good in green this year.

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I don’t think anybody is touting Fine as the future, or even present, in Riderville.

Cody took them to the great 2019 season,2020 canceled

Cody took them to 9-5 shortened 2021 season,2nd overall only to Bombers

Then this year they basically said it was all his fault. They shiet on him,its pathetic

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