Steven Jyles

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Steven Jyles; next season heads into TC 2012 as the Eskies #1 QB, thus a different look for the Edmonton Eskimos and what lies ahead is in Question by many. With the signing of FB Betrand leading the way on blocking assignments will play a key role in the 2 back set in the backfield along with a different/complete play book design; use the positives that Jyles brings to the table is the way I look at it atleast at this point. Let the thoughts roll..?

Another couple options that comes to mind; not sure if the Pistol snap formation has been used in the CFL, but I think it has. The QB is three to four yards behind centre with one RB who is behind the Quarterback (possible handoff/shovel pass) is one formation to consider. I think Lulay of the Lions have ran it with success; which also opens up other options out of it. I think the Eskies have tried it (resulting in fumbles/and or sacks) so I think Ricky Ray is more comfortable in the Shotgun, being five to seven yards behind centre.

The other formation is the Ski Gun triple option; a two back set with one RB behind the QB and the other RB is spread out more so (available for reverse action) and in essense perhaps called flexbone veer stuff that exposes a third option. With the mobilty of Steven Jyles, I believe that these offensive schemes will be an advantage for Edmonton if not now but soon. I must admit it's just food for thought...ect?

Something tells me with the receiving corps we have in place that we will not change the offence around Jyles, but maybe you have a point Backer.

Here's just some thinking out loud.

Burris in 2010, and at times Lemon in 2010, ran well out of the shotgun an offence that was primarily hand-off/play action fake and throw when not a mere running play. Furthermore, Burris would option effectively out of that set in short yardage or redzone situations in 2010.

With the right chemistry or mobility out of the shotgun, basically in the base set with one back I would think a mobile QB with a decent arm can run the following scheme when not just handing off to run the ball whether off the snap or via a draw.

Do you think Jyles is better perhaps in these sorts of schemes than as a drop-back passer as was Ray? I don't know, and I have not been watching the CFL long enough to know how well the right guy does in such a scheme.

Play-action fake the run or counter to either side

Screen pass in other direction or quick-out or quick-slant (i.e. Adarius Bowman, Jason Barnes, Fred Stamps) OR
Option to either side OR
Roll-out to the strong side

A well-oiled offensive machine in this scheme, with a reliable defence, does make most of its yards running the ball or via screen passes for more of a field position strategy.

However in pro football and especially the CFL I would think there would have to be multiple legitimate or dangerous receiving threats or the defence in the CFL will just start to cheat up with 9 or more men in the box to force a mediocre QB to throw in the pocket, contain the scheme for too few yards on the ground most of the time, or all too often just plain nail the QB on an option play hard enough and hopefully legally such that he'll be out of the game (i.e. Lemon, Pierce).

With the Quickness of both Ends on Defence vs the O-Line that the Esks have along with Ray being more drop back was a downfall; however with Jyles vs the Defence playing against him will be to Edmontons advantage for next year. One thing needs to happen is to coach Jyles to spend a little more time in the pocket; he has a strong arm, so therefore the receivers I think will have to be more tuned in catching now vs the soft/finesse touch passes from Ray.

As for your Questions on the above two schemes; I think the Esks will achieve more results with Jyles so thus Crandell and the coaches have their work cut out for them. I guess one way of putting this is; Jyles is a more suited mobile QB, but Ray is the better QB overall. However, the two of them will be running their O's in two different ways. Exciting I must say.

There are alot of mixed thoughts about Jyles from fans here in Eskie land; however, over in the forum has Steven Jyles leading in the Starting QB Poll with different feelings/thoughts as well. I think he deserves a chance and/or shot at it and thus we will be in the know come Labour Day. IMO the #2 overall 2012 draft pick played huge in the Ray deal.
TIME is the essense I guess.

In 2012, Jytes might improve because Edmonton has better personnel than Toronto. However Ray might be worser in Toronto?

Well there is a poster called gridiron guru who stated that Ricky Ray/Eskie offence was (noted) predictable (true?) by other DC's in the league. No fault of Ray's on his work ethic; he is a stay at home pocket passer. With new personnel/coaches in Toronto it will be a different schemed O for Ray; IMO Ricky Ray won't have any problem and if he does the Argo D is a very well coached group. I expect Boyd to be quite effective running the ball too.
Jyles I think has the promise to improve (by how much?) as he has worked with Crandell before; much different than Ray in the backfield, he's mobile and can cause problems for the opposing Defence and thus keep them of balance will be key.

Well there is a poster called gridiron guru who stated that Ricky Ray/Eskie offence was (noted) predictable (true?) by other DC's in the league. No fault of Ray's on his work ethic; he is a stay at home pocket passer.
He has a point and so do you. It's not Ray's fault if most of the guys cannot get open often enough and Bowman and Barnes were injured for so many games. In that regard yes the offence became predictable for some games.

Will Jyles be able to run an offence, as indicated below, much as did Burris in Calgary in 2010 and prior to that?

How is his arm strength for the strong-side sideline pass or the fades? As strong consistently as Burris was until last season?

Steven Jyles best season was in 2010 when Buck Pierce went down and the Blue Bombers finished 4-14; take the over all look of those games and Winnipeg didn't lose by much in points, a few plays could have made the difference but no cigar. Like Grims said in another thread; with all the HC and QB changes, nobody really knows how it'll all sort out.
Eskimo's going 12-6 is asking alot; so a 10-8 finish with Jyles is in the ball park....No?

I don' t know, backer. . . Jyles has just never impressed me at all wherever he's been. . . Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto, and now back in Edmonton. He's had multiple opportunities to show us what he's got, and has been found wanting in each stop. Granted, there were some extenuating circumstances in some of those stops (i.e. no receiving corps to speak of in Toronto), but that said, he just hasn't shown me anything to make me think that anointing him as your starter is a good thing. Frankly, I will not be surprised if Nichols or Ward beats him out in training camp for the #1 spot. . . that is presuming that the brain trust in Edmonton hasn't anointed him and will have an open competition at training camp.

The Esks kept Nichols on the reserve and/or injured list all season long for a reason; and I feel if he hadn't been Matt would have been scooped up by some unknown team so to speak. I guess I'm high on Jyles like Tillman and Reed are; but yes it would be a treat to see Nichols excell and/or be the backup.

I agree with MadJack. Jyles needs to be pushed and pushed hard in camp. We'll know within four games if he is really going to be something or if he's yet another wash-out with also the high expectations.

I'm willing to give him a chance. You can't count his time in Edmonton and Sask because he never really started. He only played when someone was injured or when it was clean up time in the fourth. When he was in Edmonton, he was behind Ricky Ray, and when he was in Sask, he was stuck behind Darian Durant. He didn't get a real chance to start until he joined Winnipeg and Buck went down early. And as MadJack pointed out, no QB has been successful in Toronto in the last... Well, it seems like forever now.

What's ahead for the Eskimos with Jyles; I think the Esks can win with Jyles and Joseph will be an asset as well with what have you on experience/advice he can give. Ward and Nichols; one would hope these two will know more about the Offense as well. Granted Tate looked good in Calgary the last three games of the season; In an 18 game season I feel Edmonton will be there in second place once again behind the Lions. On the other side: the D will have to be strong too.

Well Madjack; I guess we’ll find out in TC who will emerge. This spread offense that is talked about (although not Quoted) that the Esks could/will use hopefully be an advantage for Jyles IMO; (perhaps Nichols/Ward?). I must add there won’t be a Milt Stegall so to speak, but from my perspective; Carr, Koch and Charles will have to be crisp outside of Fred Stamps. Cory Koch is not the fastest receiver but has the skillset to get open and that’s a plus.

On another note; There is no better opportunity for Jyles than this 2012 season in Edmonton. Providing Steven is under centre and what all us Eskie fans are waiting (or thus) want to see is; Build/design the offense and schemes around Jyles and utilize his strengths and positive things will happen. That in my opinion is all one can hope for, otherwise it's a bust.

The question we should be asking ourselves is WHY has Steven Jyles been traded from so many teams, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Toronto didnt feel like he was starter material.

He has some athletic atributes which include a good arm, good scrambling, and toughness, but I believe he does not understand how to sit in the pocket and progress through his reads.

Its pretty obvious that he is more of a runner type QB who is not comfortable in the pocket making reads as that is not his game

I would say that the QB most comparable to JYLES would be BURRIS. Burris like Jyles has excellent speed with a ROCKET ARM, but cannot make the reads and pick a defense apart like Lulay, Calvillo, and Flutie used to.

For Jyles to be effective in EDMONTON, you guys would need a really good RUNNING game with a MONSTER O Line, then they would need to simplify the plays for JYLES. Most of Jyles big plays come from broken plays where he scrambles and airs a 40 yard pass downfield to a receiver.

The bottom line for JYLES is that in the complex canadian game he has not DEVELOPPED into the QB that he was capable of.

However he is a guy that can WIN games, as long as you SHORTEN the playbook and dont make him think too much. They would need to incorporate intelligent game plans, play action passes which would be perfect for Jyles skill set. He will not stand in the pocket and pick apart defenses-- Most CFL qbs cannot do that--

Having watched Edmonton last season I was impressed with the limited play of the QB NICHOLLS that you guys had. He looked like he had potential and understood what he was doing out there.

I would give him a shot also, and release KERRY JOSEPH and try to develop the young signal caller who looked like he had potential.

Bingo; Hopefully Crandell can install the schemes that needs to done for success in 2012.