Steven Jyles

So how do fans feel about taking on Steven Jyles. In my opnion I think Steven Jyles will show the CFL how good he really easy. Record may seem displeasing but he sure can put up the stats. Its the team he needs help from !

My prediction is that Jyles will lead the argos to 8-10 this upcoming season!


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Argos will be competitive as Barker looks to improve the team. IMO; Should be a good training camp for Jyles and the others competing against him.

That would be a step backward, so why the exclamation mark?

Sorry lol, Im a bomber fan so yeah.

Jyles in and Lemon out. Pretty easy choice for Barker. I imagine after he and his staff had a long look at last years games they saw what just about everybody else did all year. Cleo Lemon just can't cut it as a CFL QB.

Argos will surely be better next year.

All the most important pieces (Boyd, Owens etc.) are coming back for a while and now they have a QB locked up who is much better than Lemon was and who can actually run.

The team really just needs to focus on getting him a couple better receivers.
Copeland will be good with a full season, but good teams need at least 2 or 3 big targets for their qb. Luckily Boyd always gives him a big backup plan.

I think Jyles will get the starting job with no problem next year though.

When both guys can just not commit dumb turnovers and just plain retain possession or at the very least improve field position after a defensive hold and good special teams play, Barker and the Argos will have the best of all worlds for Barker's offence.

When the Argos played well last season, much like the Stamps who employ a similar system but with far more talent, I enjoyed watching those two offences go at it the most.

Other than any stupid turnovers by a QB, the other great weakness of the Argos offence is that they still don't have a credible threat to stretch the field for the QB to keep the front seven/eight on their heels at times. Consider the opposite and successful situation for example of other teams like Calgary that have multiple such downfield threats.

Chad Owens received 46 passes past season as a part time receiver with 3TDs- Even if he were not utilized as a kick returner Owens would make the team as a receiver. I look to the Argos to have a great season with the new QB. The east has to be a toss up for the Grey Cup this year. I am hoping the Als stiff them all but the reality is we now have greater competition- and we are without Cobourne.

You are correct that the Argos have the short passing game well covered also with the use of Owens.

If the Argos had also only half the passing game of Montreal as far as its receiving corp, they’d be lead contenders for the East and that battle against your Al’s would be even better.

I just have not been able to figure out why Barker can’t get his hands on field-stretching receivers as has Tillman for example in the offseason subject to training camp.

Those receivers also have to be at least 6-2 and 200 in my opinion to truly stretch the field to include having the decisive edge on any jump balls as does for example SJ Green.

I think this makes the East division very interesting. Cleo was incredibly raw and cost the Argos a lot of turnovers last year, although to be fair, I haven't really been impressed by the Argo's O-Line or receivers so the blame does lie solely on his shoulders. It's certainly a step in the right direction for you guys.

That being said, I'm expecting the Argos to secure the #3 spot in the East again. Hamilton has only made improvements thusfar and Montreal is probably only due to decay slightly. Needless to say, it will be a tight race, save Winnipeg who I think is going to be stuck in the basement again.

With SJ in the fold, I expect he will not only be the first stringer but will prosper as a QB and the team will make strides and hopefully compete for the second spot in the East.

Montreal IMO is only as good as Cavillo goes. If he goes down or starts to show his age Montreal is not that much better than the Argos or Hamilton.
I believe Jyles will give the Argos enough offense to go along with their good defense to put a scare into Montreal, and if Cavillo is injured or falters Montreal is a different team. Also the production of Cahoon and Cobourne will not be easily replaced. IMO