Steven Jyles

This guy is a starter in this league. I'm glad the cats don't have to face him again until at least the playoffs.

I think people may have fallen in love with Buck too early after that first game. I know he managed to win offensive player of the week in week 2 but he did turn the ball over a few times that game.

I know all the bomber fans will hate me for this......but IMO Winnipeg is a better team with Jyles running the offense.

They brought back Pierce too soon, but with the way he gets injured, we'll need Jyles to play most of the games this season.
If you had to go with one or the other, you take Jyles b/c he's more likely to finish the season healthy.

i disagree with your last statement, mores so the part that says " I KNOW ALL THE BOMBER FANS WILL HATE ME FOR THIS" because i agree, i never liked the signing in the off season but.. jyles reminds me abit of durant, looks like him out there abit too, can throw and run, dual threat, like burris and durant really and pierce when healthy but WHEN HEALTHY is the key there. i think if we give jyles some game reps, in a year or 2, he may be one of the better qb's in the league. looks like Jyles will start thurs. against the Als....Buck never practised today and i believe they want to rest his knee some more.....good move.....The way Darrian...mmm, i mean Steven has played lately, i think it gives us our best shot...I wonder how some of those roughie fans are feeling about Jyles now....Some were never really sold on his play.. some said he just plain stunk...I'd say they need a re-think and if Durant goes down and they have to put in ol noodle arm....heh heh...they might just be shedding a few tears of regret....This is one move Lapo made that has worked out...IF ONLY he would have left Reed in Sask. :lol:

I don't get these comparisons. They are nearly opposite players. Not that Jyles is awful, but he's never been what you call a "student of the game".

........Jyles is coming along quite nicely....given the same amount of playing time as Durant....he could surprise a few people.....AND if he isn't considered to be a' student of the game', as you say artie, i'd say he is a very willing and able pupil now and part of one of the best 'one two punches' ,at qb., in the CFL...:wink:

....SAY a little aside.....whatever happened to 'arius returns' your fellow rider poster....he never returned???? :roll:

I was wondering about him the other day as well. . .

I don't know. His posts dropped way off, but he'd pop in once in awhile. But I've seen nothing for some time. Now, with the "new and improved" sign in, he probably couldn't post now even if he wanted, without a big hassle, so we may have seen the last of Arius.

Too bad, he was a good one.

As for Jyles, it's not that I don't like him or think he's bad, I just don't see him as a Durant clone.

The Bombers have already announced that Jyles will be starting on Thursday.