Steven Jyles, simple Question...

Improvement or no

from what I`ve seen, bad as it was, yes.

You kind of have to expect a rust considering he's been out since late last season, however he certainly seemed to improve as the game went on. I was impressed with him when he played with Winnipeg last year, and in about two games, which ironically is against Winnipeg, we should get to see his full potential...

jyles will not be a great QB, but he should be an improvement over lemon

Looked pretty much the same to me, except Jyles is more entertaining to watch. They still couldn’t move the ball with any particular reliability or score points. The biggest problem in Toronto isn’t the QB, and until they work to deal with that things won’t improve.

Alex Trebek with the Jeopardy question as follows: "Which new Toronto QB sucks anew?"

I thought Lemon was looking good early in the season. He was moving the ball, making better decisions and not throwing up air balls. The turning point for Lemon and the team seemed to be the week 5 collapse against Edmonton. They followed with games against Montreal and Hamilton where the score flattered them and the Saskatchewan game was a matter of 2 teams fighting to see who wanted to lose most. Back to back losses against BC where the Argos were out of the game before the end of the 1st sealed Lemons fate. He has not looked good since week 5 and Jyles deserves the chance, but neither has the rest of the team. Defense and special teams are doing ok but if they don't repair the offense they could go 0 for the rest of the season.

Toronto is in dire need at the receiver position and had a glorious opportunity to pick up Marquay McDaniel last week (1000 yard receiver) and yet incredibly passed on him...Instead Calgary picked him up and shored up their already impressive offense.

Jyles can only do so much without quality receivers.

It's almost as if Toronto is deliberately trying to sabotage themselves.

Jyles looked a bit unfamiliar with his targets in the first quarter, but after the first couple of possessions he looked comfortable. He moved around well, didn't panic even though his oline couldn't handle the Lions pass rush (which has been underrated all year).

Check out his stats. Last year he played 11 games. The numbers he put up were great…
19TD to 7 INT
62% completion
2800 yards (basically on pace for around 4500-5000 yard season if it were 18 games he played)
Great rushing stats
his one really bad stat was 8 fumbles, otherwise these are good numbers

I am not sure he is the answer, but he is a marked improvement. Give it a few weeks, see how he does.

I like Jyles and for me he has all kinds of up side.

Jyles is the real deal. He's actually a legitimate starter. The argos need to surround him with talent and next year they can be competitive again. Start evaluating for next season, this one is lost and Jyles is still getting used to the system and trying to shake off the rust from his injury.

To answer the question, yes I believe Jyles is good enough.

Jyles looked great in Sasky, I was sorry to see him go. I saw more up side to him than DD when they were both just getting started with the Riders. A lot of time and effort has gone in to DD over the years to get him were he is at now. Jyles needs that same support and time.

Lets face it, he has a tough time ahead of him playing in TO. Any QB will not shine in the current situation TO has found themselves in right now. KJ was brought in and didnt lead TO to the promise land. Multiple coaches and QBs have made it a tough road to tread for the organization. Look at the Riders and what a change two coaches have made. Who's going to coach Jyles for the next few years? It seems that TO teams always go after the quick fix by big signings instead of growing the teams. One day the Leafs will understand you cant just buy a Stanley Cup. Argos have to rebuild and it will be a long process.

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Argos picked up Rodriguez just hours after his release from Edmonton.