Steven Jyles next QB star?

Will Jyles be the next QB star for the CFL this decade?

This QB has an above average arm (no Dieter Brock, yet strong still), an amazing scrambling/rushing ability, accurate passer (excellent TD/INT ratio) with decent O-line, intuitive/reads plays well, astute as relief or starter, still young (28) and is deemed by others to be a team player.

As current CFL QB's go, I believe he may be a top tier formidable presence on the field for years to come barring serious injury.
Aging stars such as Burris, Calvillo, Glenn etc likely have only a couple years of high level productivity remaining..thus who are the next generation stars?

I was thinking Jyles, and possibly Lulay.

Durant is still fairly young (29) although is quite erratic/unstable as a pivot in this stage of the game. Not sure if he will settle down in the future.
And McPherson appears capable, yet athletic wise average and unimpressive.

Star CFL QB's will be slim pickins this decade. Who else has potential?

Agree on Lulay. Durant, too, now that he got Berry unchained from around his neck. Tate in Calgary, as well.

But Jyles? I have to see more before I buy that one.

I like Jyles.
Give him time and he will become a solid QB.

And I can't believe people are shocked Lemon was let go.
They talk about him being 11 for 15 his last game?
Yeah, for a whopping 50 yards passing!

Argos weren't gonna win with this guy.
He wasn't a leader.
Jyles gives the Argos a chance in my opinion.
Lemon didn't.

I give it to about game 6 next season before we instead have threads about how they need to get rid of Jyles and find a QB.

The carousel never ends in the CFL on a team with bad receivers. nailed it tridus....How can any qb. be successful with the type of receiving crew T.O. has....Jyles cannot turn this club around by himself....If he can, star-status would'nt be enough of a title to give him...more like miracle-worker...Why the argos have waited this long to bring in any credible receivers is beyond me... :roll: :roll: ...I think Jyles is a competent qb....He should make the boatmen better....BUT..throwing to Copeland and handing off to Corey Boyd over and over again is not the road to 'stardom' for Jyles...At least in the very near future :wink:

He reminds me a lot of Kevin Glenn. :thup:

Lemon was given a fair shot, which is better than many QBs ever get in Toronto. He simply wasn't good enough, not that he wouldn't make a good backup somewhere.

I haven't seen enough of Jyles to decide yet, but given that Calvillo was pretty weak for the first several years of his career, somebody who knew obviously saw potential. The same may hold true for Jyles.

I'm cheering for Jyles. I enjoyed watching him here in Wpg.

Jermaine Copeland said he would have had bigger numbers if Jyles were the QB at the start of the year.
Which doesn't say much for his opinion of Lemon.

he is likely correct

Is this for real. Fourth team??? Good guy but really. Tate in the same area of??

What does amount of teams have to do with anything? Damon Allen, Danny McManus, Tracy Ham and Matt Dunigan all played for four or more teams in their career, and all of them are (or will be, in Allen's case) Hall of Famers.

Jyles has all the tools to be successful, but I agree with everyone who says he's only as good as his receivers. With Copeland being the only established receiver in the group (I'm a big fan of Andre Durie, but he's new at receiver, and he splits time), Jyles will have to perform miracles to get anything out of them.

The Argos will have to go looking for a number-one receiver in the off-season. Don't know who it will be, but they'll need someone.