Steven Jyles new Ti-Cats backup?

With Quinton Porter leaving for Montreal. Steven Jyles (Eric Tillman's favorite QB) may end up with Kent Austin in Hamilton. Alot of people think Eric Tillman will some how be involved with the Ti-Cats soon. If thats true, i wouldnt be shocked to see his guy (Steven Jyles) end up with him in Hamilton. Tillman had Jyles in Sask & Edm.

It's a plausible theory but I don't see it happening. Jyles has been given many opportunities to lead a team and has never risen to the occasion. Edmonton even demoted him to 3rd string last year. He seems to be a little soft also when it comes to injuries. I think the Cats would be better off trying to develop their own guy. Give Lefevour some play time and scout some potentially good rookies from the U.S.

Reilly, MacPherson (possibly a trade for another QB that I don't see happening), or LeFevour and a couple camp bodies compete in TC.

No way in the world that any one wil even give Jyles a chance. his career is over. Like Lemon in Toronto he was just terrible.

Agree 100% Don't let LeFevour rot on the sidelines like Porter did. Give him the opportunity to either blossom or crash. This team seem to want to buy success instead of develope a winner. Not to say that trades and outright signings aren't part of the business, but developing players is just as much a part.

Kerry Joseph...

Where is hobart when you need him.

"Kerry Joseph..."

He would only offer you no different scenario than the current starter.

You want someone who can be your future for more than one or two years.

Ya, maybe. Another Tillman guy.

A pity it won't be Mike Reilly who was just traded to the Esks, thus circumventing the FA sweepstakes.

thought Reilly could have been the heir apparent we so desired.......oh well, que sera sera. :frowning:

when the dust settles i still say macpherson will be qb number 2 but have more success then the mcpherson here before

8) Well "ticatbill", that wouldn't take too much to be more successful than the original McPherson, would it ?? :lol:
8) By the way, the best compliment I could give to Jyles, is that he is a complete joke !!!

Reilly would not have re-signed with the Hamilton Ti-Cats if they would have traded for him. Hamilton would have lost whatever they would have given up to give Reilly. Theres NO WAY Reilly would have gone anywhere to be another backup QB. He would have rather stayed in BC for that. He wanted to come to Edmonton and thats why Buono let Hervey talk to him about a contract before the deal was made.

A rare Don McPherson reference?

Reilly sure would've looked good in a Hamilton uniform. Twenty-eight with lots of upside and something to prove. Buono didn't get much for him. Burris isn't getting any younger so Hamilton might've been a good fit for him. I wonder if Hamilton even made a pitch for him.

An Argo-Cat fan

A lot of people seem really high on this Reilly guy but he's only played in 2 or 3 games. He looked impressive when BC beat Edmonton but the following week Calgary smoked them. So he's 1 and 1 as a starter with decent stats but he was also playing on a very good team.I don't know if he would have looked as impressive playing for Winnipeg or Edmonton. I remember Quinton Porter came out on fire when he first started and threw 5 TDs against Montreal in that fantastic game. But once the opposition gets some game film of a new QB, they usually figure out how to contain him. I hope Reilly ends up being really good but it's still too early to tell if he's going to be a Ray or Lulay.

Jyles as a backup?

I'm ok with that.

8) Apparently Hamilton did indeed inquire about Reilly, with Wally, before the trade was made with Edmonton !!!