Steven Jyles back in the CFL!

Jyles is worth a gamble and is underrated after underachieving in Edmonton. If Jyles ever regain the great form at Winnipeg, he can be a excellent quarterback.

Not really. As a young QB Cut lose by Edmonton .Did nothing following the next 3 years. Suppose to replace RR.
ARE you kidding use!!! T0TAL MISS FIRE.


Steven Jyles may not be the answer as Travis Lulay's backup after all. According to the Vancouver Province, Jyles decided not to show up for mini-camp with the B.C. Lions on Monday due to financial reasons, leading to speculation he may not join the Lions.

Jyles, who agreed to terms with the Lions earlier this month, is currently working in sales in Dallas and told Lions general manager Wally Buono he was passing on the voluntary camp to make money back home.

[b]Lions head coach Mike Benevides suggested Jyles was still weighing his options but the veteran quarterback's agent disagreed.

"It wasn't the right fit for him," Fleiszer told the Province. "If he'd like to play down the road, we can look at that, but for now he made a very commendable decision."[/b]

Chris Hart, Jarrett Lee and John Beck are the other quarterbacks in competition for the backup role.

Lulay underwent shoulder surgery in November and tossed some short passes at mini-camp.

Jyles is not a good QB IMO. Extremely inaccurate, isn't much of a threat in the run game not because he can't because he doesn't. Can't convert for the life of him in short yardage (NEVER use him in short yardage EVER), he is more likely to fumble the ball than to get you a half a yard. His leadership is none existent, players don't rally around him in games, and he never really seems to own his position. His confidence level dictates how he plays, if he is feeling confident he can put of a decent preformance, but as soon as he throws a pick or has too much pressure on him his confidence disappears and you get a QB who can't make a pass to save his life. This is what I saw from him whenever I watched him play.

I will put a small disclaimer here, telling you I am somewhat bias when it comes to Jyles do to a person I despise thinking her was the second coming of Warren Moon and constantly telling everyone that he should obviously be starting over Durant, even after Durant had solidified himself as our guy. To this day he will still say the Riders would have had more success under Jyles..

Steven Jyles is a bum could never do anything in this league when given the opportunity! I hope the lions don't pick him up in the future after not showing up for the mini camp! When this guy needs all the practice he can get and even with all the practice he still doesn't make the cut for being a professional qb in any league.

Jyles being a no-show certainly doesn't help his cause to become a QB of any type in any league... he has effectively taken out football as one of his options.

Did anybody note this historic development? 1991argo talked about something other than how Braley and Rudge are lazy and incompetent.

I apologize for not being on topic, but this had to be said.

He is not back in the CFL at all. Just offered tryout. One of 5 backups.Has little or no chance

Rather than what comes off as veiled sarcasm, why not just engage in a positive manner?