Steven Jyles back in the CFL!

I'm surprised its taken this long for Jyles to get back in the CFL. He played great in Wpg with a QB rating of over 100 his final season there...then being traded by the Argos for Ricky Ray. Good luck to the Lions! :thup:

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Always admired the athletic skills Jyles brought to the table, but he was never the same after tearing ligaments in his throwing shoulder, hence the subsequent decline in play with Toronto and Edmonton.

I’m not convinced he can regain the same form as 4 seasons back and the Leos are in pressing need for a dependable arm for the fledgling Lulay.

Good luck to him.

Wow,didn't see that one coming,the man who is the answer to the trivia question.....who did the Eskimos trade Ricky Ray for?? is back in the CFL. I guess time will tell if this was a shrewd move by Buono or a move of desperation,depending on which Steven Jyles shows up at camp in B.C. Right now looking around the league,it looks like more than a few teams could be in big trouble if their starting QB goes down to an injury.Hopefully for the Lion's sake,they won't have to find out,but you never know,if Lulay does go down again,maybe Jyles gets his 2nd chance and shines like a star or on the flip side goes down in flames.It makes one wonder though just where Glenn will eventually wind up,if he gets his wish and gets shipped out of Ottawa with all the uncertainty in regards to the lack of good experienced 2nd string QB's in the league this season.

This is an astute move by Buono. Nobody is suggesting Steven Jyles is going to take the team to the Grey Cup, but he's being brought to a quarterback friendly organization (that includes former QBs Khari Jones and Joe Paopao) with low demands and expectations placed on him. I was never comfortable with Desjardins's trade demands for Glenn - they really would have mortgaged the future (rumoured to be at least a CDN starter and high draft pick) for a 36-year old who may not even see the field all that much.

BC still has Chris Hart from last season's PR who has a rocket for an arm (but still as green as grass), as well as recently signed newcomers Jarrett Lee (LSU) and NFL journeyman John Beck.

Yeah, I agree. It could be a great move. Jyles has been in the eye of the hurricane in three straight gong shows. Never had a chance to thrive. I'm pulling for him.

Comparing the 9 teams projected starting QB's as of today to the off season probable projected back-ups the talent level and experience for the majority of teams is a huge drop-off at this point.Now granted a lot of things can change from now to the start of the season and beyond due to training camp reps to unforeseen injuries to trades or new signings etc but as of right now,here is how it looks for each team as of right now with training camps set to open in less than 2 months.

East Conference


West Conference


Well, I'm sure I'll be in a tiny minority here, but I don't know about Jyles being an upgrade over Elliott.

Sure, Joey was inconsistent, but even so, behind a dreadful offensive line and with poor coaching, he still won player of the week twice.

Jyles? As far as I recall, he never even came close to winning a player of the week award.

He was consistent, but to my mind, consistently mediocre (at best) every place he's played.

Jyles has a better arm and could at least lead a receiver with a throw down the field, something Elliott is incapable of doing unless it's a 10 yard pass. Receivers constantly had to slow up on his deeper throws because he doesn't have the arm strength to hit a deep throw. Jyles also has a better career passer rating, and better TD-INT ratio career wise than Elliott.

Is Jyles a stud? No. He had a good year here in Winnipeg but there was a lot of internal stuff with him, coach LaPo, and Buck and the whole 1A 1B QB situation. In Edmonton, he was asked to replace Ray after one of the dumbest trades ever courtesy of Tillman. He wasn't the best but he got the Esks to a 4-3 start before getting hurt and demoted, after which they went 3-8. And Kavis Reed and his staff that year on offense used to throw in Kerry Joseph and/or Matt Nichols in for small packages periodically in games.

Bottom line, Lulay is the unquestioned starter. Jyles will still have to beat out Hart, Beck, Lee, or anyone else the Lions may add in to the mix to get a roster spot and if he does make the team he's capable enough to win a couple games. He's a low risk addition and won't cost them a player and a pick like Glenn would right now.

Always liked him and thought he was dependable but yes, results weren't there for the reasons mentioned.

There Fixed it !!!!! I always got Brink and Elliott mixed up for some reason :? :lol:Nevertheless neither one is in the league anymore. :cowboy:

Elliott is out of the league. Brink was on the Als roster late last season, and still appears on their roster. They may have released him and his name just hasn't been deleted yet but I haven't seen that anywhere. But as far as I know he's still their 3rd QB.

You are correct indeed "wolverine29" :thup: :slight_smile: Mr. Alex Brink is apparently still in the league as of right now as an Alouette,my guess is that he won't be an Alouette for long or even in the league for long for that matter and won't factor in at all in the QB position in Montreal this season.My guess is that if anything he might make it as the clipboard carrier,until something better comes along,but that's about it as far as I can see for the future of Mr. Brink in the CFL.

Anyone know what Jyles was up to last year?

I guess we will find out if his shoulder is back to full strength. In Edmotnon he could not throw the ball more than 10 yards.

The Als don't have a lot of depth at QB right now. That could change quite quickly and Brink could be out of a job. But I wouldn't be surprised if he sticks as the #3 guy behind Smith and Marsh with another developmental QB on the PR. Brink was pretty much money on short yardage as a Bomber, has decent legs, and his prior experience would make him a good option to throw in a trick short yardage play that involves a play downfield instead of the usual plunge. I liked him more than Elliott when both were here, he can make more of the throws than Elliott from what I saw. When you compare his growth to the 3rd year here compared to his first start where he was booed off the field by the home fans, he made strides. Our coaching with LaPo and then Burke/Crowton was more of a hinderance than a benefit. Still, there's always younger cheaper options. And there's still talk that the Als are still in the mix for Kevin Glenn. Picking him up would move Marsh to #3 and Brink off the roster more than likely.

From what I saw in Edmonton his arm strength wasn't the issue it was accuracy. He could throw it 60 but 20 yards over the head of receiver. Whether that was a result of his surgery I don't know.

At any rate he was the last Edm. QB to have a winning record during his starts at 4-3 before his injury. But he never had a chance in Edmonton. The shadow and open disregard for him by Reed and the fans was too much to overcome.

Anyway, making the team, or playing, is no sure thing. I'm just pulling for him.

Thats true. After a stretch of retreads and Qbs less than motivated or prepared is changing very quickly.
Seeing of recent former NFL QBs that have had more than just a cup of coffee are coming to the CFL and being successful at different levels. Older QBs like JT O'Sullivan and now Troy Smith. The Lions signing of Beck could fall into that category somewhere in between.
Brian Brohom another who is getting rave reveiws.

I wonder if Wally is just trying to make Ottawa think he isn't interested in Kevin Glenn, or at least at their price. But honestly, who would you rather have as a back up Jyles or Glenn? IMO Glenn won't get moved to BC until the start of the season and Wally sees just what he has behind Lulay. Then the pressure will then get turned up to try and get the Lions into the GC and let next year take care of it self. Wally is going to have to give up a starter or two eventually IMO to land Glenn. After TC he would have a better idea who he could move.

The thing is though DoubleBlue, there is no pressure on Wally unless Travis's shoulder isn't 100% going into camp or he falls to a serious (2+ game) injury. No one is going behind centre for the Lions as long as he's healthy.

Personally, I think there is more pressure on Desjardins to deal with a disgruntled QB who's publicly voiced his displeasure with his standing in the organization.

Was going to write a reply BUT. Why Training camp help for sure>