Steven Brunt

Whenever I watch him on Prime Time Sports he seems like a nice man but...

Is it just me or does Steven Brunt come across as smug and smarmy whenever he write/discusses the future of the CFL in Southern Ontario? It is almost likes he wants them to fail.

I understand he is a TC Season Ticket holder but... support like him we do not need.

Sorry, I can't agree. Both Brunt and McKown are CFL fans and do more for the CFL than most of the other FAN590 guys except for Mike Hogan. I do agree that he can be pretty smarmy towards McKown but I guess he figures his job depends on sucking up to him a bit.

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To answer your own's just you!!!!!
You are slagging a guy who owns season tickets for some groundless notion that is in your head?

Shame on you, Kevin. Give your head a shake....NOT! :roll:

I think he's a very good journalist with a lot of integrity, who is also a big supporter of the CFL and the Ticats. He is interested in getting to the bottom of all of the CFL's problems so that they can be adequately addressed for the long-term benefit of the league and not just papered over or band-aid remedies applied.


8) Boy, now we're even finding fault with a fellow Hamiltonian, who besides being a very nice guy,
  does a great job of sports reporting, and supports the TiCats !!

  Who's next on the hit list around here ??? <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

As an old English teacher of mine said, "Trust no one, suspect everyone."

I quite like Brunt, he is a bit more academic than most however even at that, in the media biz, he has to be somewhat controversial at times. CFL supporter all the way even though he might sound like he's unduly slagging the league from time to time coming across like he wishes it to fold, but that just is the wrong interpretation of this man I think.

I agree. Anytime I've heard these guys they are supporting the CFL. One show in particular they questioned whether the "NFL's bubble would burst" -- recognizing that they struggle to watch the games. Brunt provided support points as to why the NFL is interesting to watch (ie. precision on the play) but note that he doesn't have a vested interest in it, like he does the CFL.

Thus...I couldn't disagree with the original post more.

Edit -- and, he's a good enough journalist that he doesn't just blow smoke up the leagues ass. Ultimately that's how things get improved.

Fair enough...

Once I heard everyone else's perspective I started to agree.

I was wrong to say what I did.

One thing about this forum. It usually doesn't take long before you have to backtrack on something. Most of us have had to suck it in a few times and admit we wrong.
Nothing wrong with that sir. :thup:

Steven Brunt, now there is an intelligent person. He's really SMRT - he's an idiot

I think it's TC's fault. I hear he is a great ventriloquist, and he is responsible for those statements supposedly from ABIII, MB, and QP.
It's either that, or somebody has switched Koolaid for the Gatorade. I DID see someone running up the grassy knoll at IWS with a suspicious package.
It wouldn't hurt to check out the liniment the trainers use too, just in case.

  I have other suspicions, but I'll keep them to myself until I read more evidence of the complete conspiracy in this forum - and you know who you are.

That's the beauty of forums...quick and easy way to get different perspectives. Plus, there's little consequence for just throwing thoughts out there -- regardless of how popular they might be.

Plus, everything is pretty subjective anyway. You don't like to get sucked into the peer/ popular beliefs, but at the same time, new ideas and thought can change perspective.

See folks...this Ticats forum is really the nexus of contemplation and our species cognitive reasoning. By definition, our evolution depends on these very posts.

You don't like to get sucked into the peer/ popular beliefs

Well slo, if I determine after reading that such peer/popular beliefs make more sense that what I have said, and that actually has been the case on an occasion or two have admit :wink: , then I'm all for getting sucked in, really.

Yes, our evolution is dependent on our thinking and analysing, I guess that's why the more we do this the more we'll end up as this alien, eh, all huge brains.

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Oski Wee Wee,


The only difference between Brunt and most fans who write on this Board is that Brunt gets paid for it. Take his views for what they are...just another guy's opinion.

Good point on in, fact is no sports club in Canada, anywhere, lets any sports writer in on something unless they actually want something to be made public. So while these sports writers are well conversant in sports, of course, and well read in sports, and do schmooze a bit with the movers and shakers in sports, they dont usually break any story that hasn't, in fact, been broken as a story given by the team, league to the media anyways. Yes, it's all their opinion, agree. And some connect the dots better than others, and some more eloquently than others. I like the way Brunt connects the dots, I enjoy his commentary. He's well read, well researched, and doesn't come across as an imbecile like a lot. He has his opinions, but I like the way he says his opinions. I might not agree with everything but the guy is good, very good. If only he had enough money to be an owner in the CFL, that would be cool!

LOL!! Nice one Earl!!

One of our more civil threads. Differences of opinion without personal attacks. :smiley:

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