Steve Simmons: Friend of the CFL. Who'd Thunk?

Unlike most know nothing writers in Toronto sports papers and in the media, like Stephen Brunt and Bob Macown, who I wouldn't cross the street to listen to, I've been very impressed by the articles Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun has written about the CFL this year, and more recently the Grey Cup.

EVery story is about the game itself. Or the players in the game. Or stories revolving around the game.
No negativity whatsoever.

So to Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, I give you two Don Cherry thumbs up! :thup: :thup:

has SS picked up the torch for OL,HUNT ? SS used to write the worst srcasmic articles against the CFl, I thought it could be because of Ricky Williams, Who is in the U>S media spotlight?

Thats why his articles this year have so pleasantly surprised me. I think he's always been a CFL fan, being from Calgary. And then attending UWO where the Mustangs are well supported.

Now that the league is blossoming again in Toronto, and is clearly the number two sport in Canada behind hockey, Simmons realizes alot of people are interested in reading about the CFl and the Argos.

And maybe he is filling Hunt's shoes. Although I never understood why a CFL fan like Hunt was always so negative about the league?