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Montreal's Anthony Calvillo was not among those listed on TSN's Top 50 all-time players, but tonight is his fifth Grey Cup appearance in 13 seasons, fifth in the past seven years. Over those same 13 seasons Damon Allen, No. 14 on the list, has only been in two championship games, altho winning both.


Mike Pringle, who finished ahead of Ron Lancaster on the Top 50, wasn't shy about pointing out that Lancaster cut him in his first attempt as a CFL player ... If the Top 50 list was voted on three years from now, you could comfortably add Charles Roberts name to the Top 25 ... An odd piece of pure-Canadiana: In a Grey Cup hotel bar yesterday afternoon, a large group in front of a big screen hooted and hollered as the CIS game between the Saskatchewan Huskies and Ottawa Gee-Gees was played. On the smaller TV, Ohio State played Michigan in the latest U.S. college game of the century: Nobody was watching.


Legendary jerk Allen Pitts was a no-show for TSN's announcement of the Top 50 players. The reason? He demanded $15,000 to make an appearance. Everybody else showed up for expense money ... Say what? Outgoing commissioner Tom Wright on his future: "I don't know what it is but I'm very excited about it" ... True story: I was trapped in a Grey Cup hotel elevator for 20 minutes Friday with nine cheerleaders. Now, you would think this would be a good thing until one of them started hyperventilating, another began shaking from claustrophobia ... Little known fact: As Arland Bruce dug himself deeper and deeper last Sunday, beside him was teammate R. Jay Soward, egging him on ... Spotted downtown yesterday: Guy wearing a Leon McQuay Argos jersey. Want to feel old? The famous fumble was 35 years ago.


I know we live in a made-for-TV world, but why start a Grey Cup game outdoors in Winnipeg in late November at 5 p.m. (local time) when it should be started at 1 p.m.? ... Argos president Keith Pelley is among those interviewing candidates for the CFL commissioner's job. Does that mean he's interviewing himself -- or can't he afford the pay cut? ... Ricky Williams' last act as an Argo: Fumbling away a possible comeback ... Expect Ben Cahoon to sign in Calgary, where he has loads of relatives, in the off-season ... And hey, whatever became of Carl Brazley?

Simmons has done a great job covering the CFL.

But I do take issue with the above article where he calls it "an odd bit of Canadiana" that people in the bar were watching the CIS football game, and not some US football game?

Like, to me that makes sense. I mean Canadians watching Canadians playing CAnadian football. Instead of watching a bunch of foreigners. Why is that odd?

Yes Simmons articles of late have been very positive, but once in a while he throws in the odd stupidity article about the NFL and this NCAA crap.
Meanwhile and by comparison, the Globe & Mails Stephen Brunt, who used to be a big supporter for years up until the last few, is completely opposite writing all negatives
on the CFL and with the odd very odd positive.