Steve Simmons: BMO Field atmosphere passes sniff test

Is this really CFL-cynic Steve Simmons?

[b][i]"If you haven’t been to an Argos game in years, if you’re one of those people who has given up on the CFL or the CFL in Toronto, or if this just isn’t in your wheelhouse anymore, indulge me for a moment: Give it a try. Suspend your beliefs.

You may be surprised how much the atmosphere, the feel, this terrific small stadium — the most intimate football stadium this city has ever had — will make you want to come back."[/i][/b]

It looked like people were having fun.

The game was terrible and if the game is all that there was, I’d be mad to have wasted my time and money on a preseason performance…

But the tailgate made it a great day overall and I’m not so hung up on the game. I hope everyone feels that way.

Market this as Toronto’s best party and the game is a bonus - "come for the party and stay for the game " - and I think it will sell.

I think that Ti-Cat fans enjoyed the game and while it wasn't a great game there were some great plays. Ray was flat in the first half but played better in the second and Mazoli had his best game as a Ti-Cat . Argo's defence needs work.

Masoli not Mazoli… :oops:

Well, he was slippery like the oil. Oh, wait that’s Mazola. Nevermind.

Fans looked like they were having a fantastic time. I think it will be the hottest summer ticket in town other than MLB playoff or pennant race.

I hate to be a buzzkill but I think some here need to temper their expectations. This was a wonderful first step but it's going to take time to build the Argos' fan base. Will the tailgating and atmosphere help? Certainly! But the club needs to win or at the very least, play entertaining football.

I remember how energized fans here in Vancouver were at Empire Field. Not that I am comparing the 2 stadiums or experiences, but it was also a move from a cavernous dome to the outdoors - fabulous views, parking lot tailgating, and great stadium site lines. They opened to a gate of 29,517 fans but just couldn't seem to win football games there. They kept crapping the bed. The club averaged 24,327 in 2010 and 24,297 in 2011 (before moving back to BC Place on September 30).

Winning is crucial.

Half the experience now, is Tailgating.
Who the heck can do that on a Wednesday night - the next game?

To get the attention of whatever name of generation they are trying to get is all about entertainment or the place to be .Not the team ,hopefully that will come later. And I notice a lot of young cute girls there, now when the young boys see that…

To the that commented about empire field opening back in 2010 when BC place was getting a face lift .
I agree with some of his comments but empire field temp stadium was a piece of junk does not even compare to BMO field the wash rooms were in trailers the food stands were under tents the actual seats were uncomfortable and the parking was terrible no doubt rain went near there the busses you had to wait for over a hour . After people realised all those things they stopped coming . Yes winning helps but if you can not get there and having a absent owner who knows nothing about running a sports team . We're the Argos have the best owners in the league.

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Mine (season tickets), I’m hanging on to. With pleasure. - @simmonssteve #CFL #Argos

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I needed to be here and needed to sample everything I could.
And I loved it. - @simmonssteve #CFL #Argos

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Inside and outside this refurbished BMO Field, it felt special and big-time and like an event - @simmonssteve #CFL #Argos[/b]

Well CFL detractors say it's a league just watched and followed by a bunch of old fa..t retirees so it shouldn't matter which night the games are played on for tailgating. :wink: Come to think of it Phil Lind who used to be a big shot at Rogers said something like that so he, now old and retired, should be a perfect fan for tailgating on any night if he wants to give the Argos a try. :smiley:

Funny how the RPB put a negative spin the Sun's comments.

Say what you want...but this is a HUGE endorsement.

and on TV ...I never saw so many young people at a CFL game in a long time.

It's going to be a tough sell for that one. Subtract all the Ticat fans that were at the game last night and all of the fans that used their mini-package ticket for the game.

Yes it is going to be tough I say they get no more than 18,000

Well than it must be so.

I agree, last season for the second real home game also against Ottawa, they drew well under 15K. If they get 18K for a mid-week game, that will still be a giant leap from where things were.

Not only that, I guarantee a large chunk of the <15K seats (last year) were giveaways. I don't think we'll see those kind of giveaways this year.