Steve Schmidt

I like the signing of Steve Schmidt as a Ti-Cat and Welcome aboard Steve. I think this guy will really add some good Canadian depth and talent at both Tight End and as a Long Snapper, he has great size and if he can get open, run his routes well and most of all catch the ball consistently, I believe this guy will add some added excitement along with our other great receivers this year.

Obie, is doing a Great Job at finding many of these quality players and I look forward to seeing many of these players this year, lets see who makes the cut by Camp time??

All the best to the Ti-Cat players, Coaches and staff in the upcoming 2010 Camp and season starting in just over a month or so now, I can't wait to see our team in action this year. 2010 Is The Year of The Cat in the CFL, "Eat Em Raw Boys"!!!!

I have a feeling that Schmidt is our new starter and that we will not be seeing John Williams back.I liked John Williams as a ST guy but he wasn't that great of a FB.

It also seems curious that second year Ticat Darcy Brown, who played some special teams last year while learning the fullback position, has not been assigned a jersey number on the team roster. Brown and the newest players have jersey number "0" next to their names at this time.

I don't think that it's that he hasn't been assigned a jersey number. It could just be that he will be the first Ticat (as far as I know) since Kori Dickerson to have that number on his jersey.

What is on the wall of what appears to be his Facebook page seems to support that, as you can see here: Redirecting...

Pretty sure John Williams has unofficially retired.

With the drafting of a fullback with our 1st draft pick and the acquisition of Schmidt I think Andre Sadeghian might be out of a job. He will be in a battle with Darcy Brown to keep a rostor spot.