Steve Morley Cut from Jets

Apparently the Ti-cats made him an insulting offer and all contact has been halted! Steve could have a been a starting LT non-import for the next ten years I hope there is still some hope.

Where did you get this information about the Ticats making him an offer? And besides, doesn't another CFL team own Morley's rights? (I thought it was Calgary or Edmonton).

Seeing as it’s jstud’s first post what possible motives could we ascribe to it?

No motive just facts! He is the biggest free agent in the History of the CFL no one own's his rites. Im just surprised all this Lumsden talk while there's a bidding war going on for Steve Morley.

I thought that was Dennison? :o

Jstud? Sources? I haven't heard any talk on this at all. Do you have a link or anything to substantiate your post? It would help us all to evaluate it.

could Jstud be the next McMahon???

re-Steve Morley Cut from Jets- SO WHAT imo after seeing how the import tackles have played for the ticats (both had nfl credentials) - why bother with nfl cuts, CIS players are as good or better

Here is a summary of the bio of offensive tackle Steve Morley from various websites including

  • 25 years old, 6'7", 330 lbs
  • played in the CIS with St. Mary's Huskies
  • selected by Calgary as the first overall choice in the 2003 CFL Canadian Draft
  • played for Calgary in 2003
  • on the 53 man roster of the Green Bay Packers in 2004 but did not play
  • on the 53 man roster of the New York Jets in 2005 and played in seven games

A 25 year old Canadian offensive tackle with two years of NFL experience could be a valuable asset to any CFL team.

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I hear there is a chance that Jesse may sign a 2 year + option contract with the Cats :stuck_out_tongue:

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