Steve Milton's View on CHML Interview

8) Steve Milton was interviewed on CHML between 12:30 and 1.00 pm this afternoon, and he stated that it is highly likely
  that Casey Creehan will not be back with the Cats next season, as DC !!!

   He also added that several members of this present defence will not be back next year either !!

    In other words, look for another big shakeup on this team,  the most obvious will be on the defence !!

     Should make for a most interesting off-season, for sure !!   What else is new, regarding this team !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

These are all problems that most of us fans already realized after game 2 this season. Cortez seemed too stubborn to address the problems correctly and early in the season. The brutal 6-12 record is the consequence.

Our secondary needs to be entirely scrapped and rebuilt. Our linebackers are getting old, and are often injured. And our D-Linemen are all average at best. Not sure all of these problems can be solved in one off-season.

interestingly, during the final media address this morning, Drew asked George if Creehan would be back as DC for next season, and Cortez had no comment.

You can't simply blow up the team just because they underachieved. Changes, yes, but not massive ones. New DC, sure. Some new players, absolutely. But there is a lot of money spent on the offensive side of the ball, so it will be tough to simply get rid of all the players on the defense and replace them with better players. I don't want to see a bunch of splashy signings in February. I want to see the team have a quiet off-season and pick up necessary parts; don't go out and try to sign Adrian McPherson or Jamel Richardson.

That said, with no home next year, I could see it being an experimental one. Frankly, I already feel as if next year is a write off and the team will be the worst in the league (and I mean 3-15 bad, not 6-12 bad). I say identify the guys they think are the corps group and then go younger at the other positions. I don't see how a team that went 1-8 on the road in 2012 is going to be much better than a three- or four-win team when all their games are essentially on the road. Use this as a chance to groom the next generation of players so they will have game experience heading into the 2014 season. Other teams have dealt with rough patches from their young players (go look at what Travis Lulay did in his first few games as a starter) and the Ti-Cats need to have the same patience with their younger players. No one becomes an all-star overnight, so use 2013 as a chance to build for the future.

And for the love of God, use the first-round pick! Enough trading down!

We've squandered a bunch of those over the last few years. Bauman, Barker, etc.

Bob Young is going to lose money this year, probably more than he has in a long time with this team and even if he broke even that is a terrible return on investment considering how much resources he game his football people. Normaly I would say you are right but this team will be nomads next year. They will play in front of small crowds and more of a marketing vehicle for the league than anything else. I would be very surprised if Young wants to pay a premium for players to play in front of 10 000 crowds. Not too many free agents will be interested in signing up for that project either. So there is no point of hanging on to players like Stala,Cobourne and other 30 plus year vets as they will likely be less productive in 2014 than they are now. I think the reason the Tiger-Cats haven't announced where they will play is because they are chasing subsidies with the government,league and others to offset the massive financial losts they will face next year. Young's people have put him in a very bad spot IMO. This team may be blown up and core players with bright futures like Williams, Walker extended but there are very few bright spots for this team and if you look carefuly at the situation Young may have no choice to blow it up. I would. I'd cut the fat like there is no tomorrow. Gone would be Obilovich,Cobourne,Stala,Peach,Knowlton,Creehan,Hage,Porter and a whole bunch of others. I'd tell Mitchell he has to cut a million bucks NOW ! I'd even be tempted to trade Burris if I could sign a Reilly or Mcpherson.

Yes the defense needs a major overhaul but this team needs a new QB. Regardless of Hank's performance this year, he cannot be QB next season for this reason; Hank will not be the QB in 2014. As such, next season needs to be growing pain for our long-term QB so that when the new stadium is ready we have a winning team. We cannot go into the new stadium with a 40 year-old QB and expect to performance at the level a new stadium and season ticketers deserve. This is not a knock on Hank, it is reality. 2014 cannot be a year of a new offense to suit a new QB, that has to happen in 2013.

true, the Cats have made poor draft choices in recent memory although to be fair, Barker could have been a perennial Canadian all-star if not for the serious career ending thoracic injury.

Nobody could have anticipated such an event to occur.

When the Argos can play three QB's s including a rookie and sit all their starting linebackers and still win it shows just how bad the Tiger Cats are. Most of the Cat players could not play somewhere else. They are just happy to hang around town and say they play professional football. We need a GM that brings in some talent and we need her fast.

This all looks good on Young. This team has been run poorly year after year. He has not learned anything it seems since the very beginning. Since he has taken ownership I have lost more and more interest in the team. The product has been poor and has not lived up to the promises. Yet he continues to ask for more and more from fans. The old field product has been horrible. We are the worst run franchise in the CFL hands down.

Already November and no announcement. That's got to be concerning.

I've haard a rumour that there will be extra games in other CFL satdiums that will count as TiCat home games with revenue frpm the extra game going to the tabbies. That's why you'd see a game in Edmonton and Saskatchewan, good attendace/revenue.

If true, a good financial move, but essentially a season of mostly, if not all, road games which is not a recipe for a good win/loss record.

I couldn't agree more.

What's he asking from the fans? All teams even ones with losing records that don't make the playoffs for years, the Leafs for example, are interested in fans renewing seasons tickets, 5 game packages and buying single game tickets. If that is "asking", well, so be it. Some teams like the Leafs continue to have strong support at the gate even for a team that hasn't made the playoffs for a while, Bills as well etc.

No one is putting a gun to anyones head to purchase tickets for pete sakes, it's an individual choice. :roll:

do you mean if the Cats were initially scheduled to play a home game against Edmonton or Winnipeg for instance, that these games would be played in Edmonton and Winnipeg and so on and so on?

From a financial perspective, it seems logical and the hosting stadium would be granted an extra home game, although the Cats would be in a precarious position morale-wise and likely record-wise, without any home fan support whatsoever for the entire 2013.

perhaps a few nearby games (Western + RC) may help alleviate some of the iniquity and boost player spirit, with the rest in opposing CFL cities.......not certain the best avenue to be honest.

either way, it will be a tough season ahead.


The only venues I think this could work is in Regina and Toronto. I had suggesting playing a "Hall of Fame" game (with a Rider tie-in) in Sask vs the Ticats, which would be a Hamilton home game. It's a lot to ask a market to sell an 11-game season ticket (plus playoff ticket) which would drive up the ST cost by 10% across the board...and then hand that 10% over to the Ticats (more likely a 70-30 split to make it worth their while). Not sure there are any other markets than Regina that would be interested in an extra home game? The Ticats could also "rent" out Rogers Centre for the LD Classic (so that's 11 home games for Toronto). Another idea is to rent the Big O for a late season match against the Als (which would be a Hamilton home game). The Ticats could also rent out city-owned BMO and convert it to football for a couple games. I think London has said they could only realistically host 1-2 Ticat games next season.