Steve Miltons article in Spec,

Hey there Deputy Fife,
I'm sure a lot of readers know what Milton is trying to say but they're in denial. I think it's time to face reality, Maas is a fierce competitor but he's limited with his arm strength.

IF the 'Cats sat Maas and started Chang who then bombed thru lack of experience, what would 90% of the posts be about?
It seems now that 90% of the posts are anti Maas.

Bingo, and that's what limits the play calling.

If you read between the lines, Steve Milton articulates in a very subtle way that Maas does not have the arm strength to make that long pass successful. The "meat" of the article was that if Maas would have lead Bauman with the pass instead of having him come back and wait for it, he'd still be running. It isn't hard to figure out what he's saying.
Exactly. Others will read it the way they want but that is exactly what he is saying.

It really doesn't matter who is QB if the rest of the team is taking/being given stupid penalties, It is hard to keep momentum when you are marching backwards, when you think you've just run/passed for 20 or more yards. Our team is under a storm cloud without a raincoat. The refs rightly or wrongly have been flagging us and not calling the other team for the same offences. This affects morale and self belief and we know how important that is.

Instead of reading BETWEEN the lines,
cowboy, why don't you and your minions

just accept the words Steve Milton wrote?

Just teasing. :smiley: but it is true that
that particular pass to Bauman

wasn't nearly long enough
to test Jason's arm strength.

Here is what Steve actually stated

Jason Maas had a problem with ACCURACY

on that pass to Bauman and other passes
because he was getting a lot of pressure
on him from the defence of the Eskimos.

I'm with Ron on this.

Steve Milton is too much of a professional to feel any compunction about saying what he means. He doesn't need to have his audience take guesses at what they think he means or might mean by "reading between the lines" of his articles, he is perfectly capable of saying it quite clearly himself.

At no point did he complain about Jason Maas's arm strength. He did complain about inaccurate passes. I agree with him there were a number of inaccurate passes. There were also some drops. Also some doubtful play calling to my mind, but if they had turned out well we'd all be cheering the coaches for that.

I recall Coach Taaffe said during ttraining camp that Jason Maas would be the starter unless he was outperformed. I also recall several people here saying that they had been to camp and Jason looked good, the best of our QBs for sure. I guess the coach figures Jason is our best QB and still feels that way. I accept his judgment. He knows better than me whether Jason, and Jason's arm, is up to the task.

Stevehvh wrote:
" I recall Coach Taaffe said during training camp that Jason Maas would be the starter unless he was outperformed."

Exactly. So that means (at 1-6) we still don't have a capable starting QB. Is Chang that bad? So will we see some new QB's being airlifted in?
Until we upgrade our starting QB position, this will be a lost season.

Do we really need to debate if Maas has the arm strength or not. The facts are we have a horrible record with him as our starting QB and and we have a great prospect on the bench. Is it to much to ask that we find a way to get Chang some valuable playing time. The truth is our QB problems date back to Danny Macs last few years when management would refuse to develop another QB. Why does this franchise always have to sink or swim with one guy no matter how many games we lose.

I think that's ALL this board does.

Unfortunately, arm strength and accurate passing go hand in hand.

Or it might mean that the coach doesn't think that the QB position is where we're losing games.

How so? Just wondering ...

The only reason I ask is because there are tons of people that can throw the ball 60+ yards but can't put it anywhere near the receiver and vice versa. Daunte Culpepper vs. Chad Pennington are two good examples of contrasting ways of playing quarterback.

It just depends on the type of offense you are wanting to employ. Daunte's style worked great in the vertical passing attack he had in Minnesota but obviously it doesn't work everywhere. And the exact opposite is the case with Chad.

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As I understand it, Coach Taaffe believes that we have three quarterbacks better than Argo starter Rocky Butler who he released.

That being the case, I am baffled by his reluctance to use Chang or Williams. Even if you buy into this "only 7 games experience on a CFL bench" with regard to Chang, Williams has been here quite awhile and was kept over Butler. Let's see what he can do.

Not an expert on this, but I would think that without strength or 'zip' on the ball, the pass would be under thrown or thrown behind the receiver, much like many of the inaccurate passes thrown by our own Mr. Mass.
However, I agree that inaccurate passing is dependent on many other things, but I do believe there could be a possible connection.

O.K. - here is my take on this (if anybody cares). I went to, and reviewed the game highlights (over & over). The highlight showing MAAS throwing the 1st one to Bauman almost floored me. I wish there was a way to 'slow' the play down, but I swear Bauman was SOOOO wide open, it was not funny.
What was funny (or shall I say sad), was that the pass 'surprised' Bauman completely. It looked like he was waiting for the ball to drop in his hands (cause he was so wide open), but instead, it fell a bit short. By the time Bauman 'tried' to adjust, it was too late.
So, should we call this a 'rookie' mistake? Would Chang have done any better?
Hindsight is 20-20, but it looks like we will remain with the 'Status Quo'. This means, MAAS starting, & the Cats continuing to lose.
Too bad, because I already bought my Labor Day Game tickets. Rain or shine, I will be there (from Toronto).
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Patience and treating this team as an expansion team means you must play players with an eye to development for the future. I believe the Chang naysayers are the impatient ones