Steve Milton

Steve Milton is probably the most knowledgeable critic that the Ticats have.

Every column that he writes about the Ticats is quite insightful and loaded with constructive criticism, unlike the armchair coaches who DEMAND change. I think that he is one of the best sports writers reporting on the CFL.

great article.

He nailed it again. I hope management reads it. Whatever plan the coaching staff has is simply not working Nothing thats said on this forum has any effect so maybe Steve Milton can get through.

Insightful, classy and accurate. Best in the business.

Congrats, Steve on another fine article.

Start Chang against the absolute BEST defence in the CFL?

Brave hearts.

I remember Eakin getting eatin alive by th Argos and he never recovered.

I also remember Chuck Ealy winning as a

rookie with an experienced cast of hall of

famers to cushion his lask of experience.

How will Chang do against the Argo blitz defence ?

He might win at home which is all we can hope for.

So he can’t lose and our season is over as the Argos are a more experienced club in all areas …

Milton: "We’ll throw a little stat at you and let you chew on it before we re-work the theme for Monday’s paper: in their last three meetings, the Argonauts have held Jason Maas’ offence to a combined total of 16 points. Anybody see anything Saturday night which indicates that this offence, the way it’s now led and conceived, is about to break out?"

At this point in the franchise's history, given the ineptitude that abounds, lose with the kid at the helm, please. I can take and accept that.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm not impressed with this article.

In it he blames just about every facet of the Tiger Cats performance last night, then has the gall to close by only suggesting Maas should take the fall.

Pathetic in my book!

(Seems he has a flock of hypnotized sheep following)

Obviously you are correct regarding the blue team's blitz defence if Chang is in. They will also choke Maas's short game like a boa constrictor and force him to armpunt to Steinauer, Parker et al deep. Pick your poison.

I am sick of the armchair coddling of a QB who faced more heat in his NCAA career than 95% of all other Division 1 schools!!! The idea that Chang hasn't seen heat is laughable, seriously.

The pro game is a different beast, granted, but we are not talking about a raw rook fresh from an option offense.

How do you beat Toronto? Run at them, set up play action, and have Steinauer hit the oxygen chasing Armstead all night. Adjust to taste.

Good match coverage secondaries like Toronto's put a premium on the QB making plays after plays break down. This isn't Maas's strongsuit, in case you haven't been watching. LMAO :wink:

Belli's role in making Toronto's run defence better (even with his penalties) cannot be overstated. We must get Jesse rolling, otherwise we will be toast. If the blue team can tee off and mix coverages without fear of a deep threat being set up through the running game, that is the obvious conclusion.

Oski Wee Wee,

Which is why Chang has to play next Monday. He at least breaks the mold, shakes things up a little, sends the message that the coaching staff is willing to take a chance.

We’ll throw a little stat at you and let you chew on it before we re-work the theme for Monday’s paper: in their last three meetings, the Argonauts have held Jason Maas’ offence to a combined total of 16 points. Anybody see anything Saturday night which indicates that this offence, the way it’s now led and conceived, is about to break out?

I agree with Steve.. my opinion if you sign up to be the KEY player on a team (AKA: QB) you need to be able to take the responibility of every game......just look backat Danny Mac. Plus......did Jason score on the Al's when the Cats were given, thats right given "Red zone" positioning by the Al's goofs? No, so yes it does all fall on Jason. :cowboy:

Toss in the vast gap between the game’s two quarterbacks inside the red zone and that pretty well sums up what really matters in Canadian football and why the Als won handily.

This is exactly what many of us were saying last night, Maas just cannot get it done in the Red Zone for whatever reason. He chokes all too often, its the same story every game. If you really look at the Winnipeg game where our offence "came alive", many TDs weren't scored off of true well run drives but were instead lucky big plays by Lumsden or others.

Last night alone at least two touchdowns were squandered by his mistakes (the poor 5 yar pass, his fumble). Of course he didn't fall to his knees rolling around on the ground crying when it's his mistakes that cost them the score, he saves that song and dance for his team mates...

Our T's have to do a much better job! They were awful last night. (Davis, Woodard)

You're right, Steve Milton should have ended with a tight 40-player summary in his closing paragraph.

Pathetic? Give me a break.

Steve Milton tells it like it is,and anybody who still believes that Jason Maas deserves to be our starting QB after another PATHETIC PERFORMANCE last night clearly knows NOTHING about football.Jason Maas should be cut first thing Monday morning and escorted to the airport back to Edmonton so he can work in his wifes Boutique.Timmy Chang has to start Labour Day no ifs ands or buts,and if he does not start than Marcel should be fired for not stepping in and Telling Coach Taafe to play Chang now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laughing Hard ,who's laughing now?We wasted a promising start this year to let your buddy screw it up,1 and 7 record, Jason is the lowest ranked starting QB in this league.Jason Maas almost admitted in Ken peters article that he cannot get it done.Read that article and see if he has zero confidence in his own ability to lead this team and win.,he said it was not his call to start.Do you not think that his own players have zero confidence in him too ?Why would any player on the Tigercats believe in his ability or even listen to him in the lockeroom after watching him contually blow games and make pathetic unprofessional passes,meanwhile everyone around him is getting cut or traded as a excuse for Maas's poor play.Why did we ,no the coaching staff and Marcel wait until we were 1 and 7 and virtually out of the playoffs to even think about swicthing Maas for Chang or williams!That is the Real frustration all of us have with this is laughable to even suggest that Marcel says we have to watch the game films to see "how jason " pereformed in Montreal.Marcel should be booted back to Montreal for publicly saying such @#%^&^&**%%#!!!!!!!!

I still say...hates off to the Defence for not letting Montreal score 126 points.
After all the Defence did play 'most' of the game.

My buddy??? I doubt you will find anything in any of my postings which suggests you shouldn't feel embarrassed for making such a ridiculous connection.

nuff said, as I have good reason to believe you are only blowing off steam in the wrong direction.