Steve Milton weighs in on the's Spec

Lot's of points to ponder about the trade in this piece:

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good article. at first glance i have to admit i was a little shocked. but the bottom line is we need a qb that can make plays.

Well said Milton!
I had a feeling that DJ Flick wasn't going to be here long term after the past results we've had ,so I wasn't suprised by the trade.
Steve puts it in perspective in a positive way.
Jason works better in a two QB system I feel and thats how I would use him ,it's a mind game that takes pressure off him and lets him play his game best...
The people not mentioned in these descisions are the new coaches ,they must have had a say in chosing Rocky I'd think.

He Made some good Points Still don't like the trade
After a Few Days I have more of an Open Mind..

I was expecting Flick to get dumped anyway, so that part of the deal doesn't bother me. It still seems like a steep price to pay for a guy that was the third string QB at the beginning of the season last year. Sure, Butler looked good against us, but who didn't?

Trade Jason now* and bring in Brad Banks
and Spurgeon Wynn to Training Camp

to shoot it out with Rocky Butler for #1.

What could we get from Winnipeg?


Or bring in one or both of them, preferably Brad Banks,
and if Jason gets beat out re-work his salary as #2.

why would sask want maas when they have kerry joseph ( who just took a $100,000 pay cut )?

Spergeon Wynn is a free agent. Ive always liked him and would love to see him brought in to compete.


He Made some good Points Still don't like the trade After a Few Days I have more of an Open Mind..
All the silly comments about the trade are starting to soften? What took so long? Marcel has a plan and hes known it from the beginning. He sat back, then told everyone to expect big changes, the big changes are happening, and know Marcel mentions that the wheels are in motion.

Desjardins still got ripped-off in the trade; bottom line - he should have got way more for giving up 2 proven league starters, regardless if the new regime thought they weren't good enough for them. the switch in the 2nd round picks was part of the rip-off - that should not have been allowed to happen and i doubt Tillman would have balked at the deal if Desjardins had said no to that part (this aspect could be mitigated though with the Ticats finding a good one with the 5th rounder they added). And Cheron as the better guard than Smith ??? - dunno about that one - Felice might beat out Cheron for a guard spot though; O-line depth may have made them not worried at all about trading Smith, but again - an unproven back-up QB for 2 starters, plus giving up ground in the 2nd round of the draft, just does not make much sense IMO.

Great article, I hope this changes a lot of people's minds about what Marcel is trying to do. I know its hard losing guys that are good in the community and play there butts off, but I think the majority of us would prefer a competitive team

Can't help but wonder what kind of numbers the receiving crew would have had last year had Jason been healthy. Guess we'll never know will we??!!

Maas needed a QB coach, better health and a group hug.

Beyond that, when his only good games came against the Eskies, and he got time to spend at "home", that turned the tides for me.

I hope Butler is as good as Marcel makes him out to be.

Steve Milton has explained it all....very insightful with nary a cliche to be seen (other than "beef brigade" but what the heck).
A big plan by Marcel Desjardins is unfolding here. Can't wait to see where we end up when all the pieces are in place. I don't expect we will be in the Grey Cup this year but it looks like a solid foundation is under construction for the future.

Rocky Butler may a brick in the foundation
or he may sink like a...well...a rock

but that's only one brick
so far this off season.

Trades are the measure of a G.M.

Free agents are the measure of
the size of a team's budget.

If we build the foundation with free agents,
thanks will largely go to Caretaker bob

unless Marcel gets a few serviceable ones
on the cheap long after Feb 16th free agency.

(Mikey) Lot's of points to ponder about the trade in this piece:
Thanks for this post, Mikey. I'm in Fort Myers for the next month working on a very antiquated computer and didn't get all the facts in the previous post. I had no idea that Flick was out of the picture anyway, and this puts new light on the entire scenerio of the trade. I don't feel quite so bad about it now, but success or failure of this deal remains to be seen.

Hopefully, Rocky Butler will lead us to the promised land in a season or two.


mr62cats says it best...I agree that things should be interesting come FA period. The team is in a position to do something at least come Feb 16th.

Overall, a decent post, but in response to the point above…

There have been a number of moves by the Cats, and by other clubs, that suggest that being a “proven league starter” doesn’t count for much this year.

Guys with bigger names than Flick and Smith have simply been released, with nothing coming back in return. If no one’s buying, it doesn’t matter what you think your guys are worth.