Steve Milton to be inducted into CFHOF

beloved sports journalist Steve Milton is to be inducted into Canadian Football Hall of Fame during Grey Cup week.
Congrats Steve. :thup:

from Drew:

[b]Selected by the Football Reporters of Canada for induction into the media section of the Hamilton-based hall, Milton's been covering the CFL for more than three decades and offering his unique blend of opinion, analysis and wit as a Spectator columnist for more than 15 years – sometimes under less than ideal circumstances. “I'm the only guy in this league that's covered a one-win team and a two-win team, not to mention a bunch of three win teams,? Milton said. “Fans in this town take it personally and generally when it gets to three wins or below, somebody in the stands takes a swing at me.? “This means everything to me, especially because it's selected by your peers,? Milton said. “These are people that know the game, its history and its place within Canadian culture. To join them is really special, especially on the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup.?[/b]

Well deserved!

A terrific sports writer!


Steve Milton deserves it.....and more. He has great insight into the game and the Tiger-Cats. And he has a great writing style. I'm surprised he has not been hired away by the Globe and Mail or the National Post.
Hamilton is lucky to have him. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Way to go Uncle Milty. :rockin:

Steve Milton often makes good points in his columns, and his columns are often written quite well. I have enjoyed reading what he has written for quite some time.

Congratulations, Steve. You deserve this. :thup:

Way to go Steve! I always look forward to your comments both
pre and post game.

Steve Milton is a true wordsmith with a unique writing style.

I look forward to reading his articles on any sport he covers,

not only for what I learn about the sporting events themselves

but to marvel over his excellence in putting words together

Bravo, Steve!


The only other sports writer I read with such great anticipation was Gary Lautens

who also had a marvelous writing style when he covered sports for the Spectator


He is likely turning in his grave right because I am calling him a sports writer

He had a good sized ego about his writing. Steve is far more humble than he was.

Recognition well earned. In the Hall, Milton will join other well recognized names, associated with the Tiger-Cats, like Marshall, Allen, Hanley, Bratina, and some of the all-time great names in Canadian sports journalism ....

I think Steve Milton is the best sportswriter in the Spectator since Bob Hanley.

Drew Edwards may be in line for this award one day as he also has a brilliant flare for his craft.

Meanwhile, kudos to you Mr. Milton. :thup: