Steve Milton: Ticats are a mess right now

With every reason to be motivated and elevated - from the standings, to the geographic rivalry, to the revenge factor, to the desire to pull the rip cord on their free fall - the Ticats were neither. And that falls to leadership. The core players and the coaching. When a team is so close for four games, then suffers an emotional and physical setback like this one was (again, don't be fooled by the final score), there's a coaching problem. The right buttons aren't being pushed. And, on defence, the coaching and two of the three positional units have been regularly overmatched. Some big help is required on defence right now, and not just in personnel.
Saturday's collapse, with so much to gain and even more to lose, made all benefit-of-the-doubt analysis irrelevant. Until there are positive wins, there can be no positive spins: This team is a mess.
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unfortunately Milty is spot on.

and yes, the truth hurts.

Milton always sums it all up very nicely. This last loss with the Argos was the breaking point. Widespread frustration is rampant.

Apparently not with Cortez and Obie.

We have 1 new guy who could play on Saturday and he was aquired before the game this past Saturday.

It's going to be the same old, same old on Saturday. Same game plan defensively that will give up 25+ points again. Creehans philosophy will not change even though it's not working. His plan has been implemented since day 1 of training camp and he's going to believe in it until the end.

Creehan is not that stupid. He can’t possibly be still believing in his system when everybody (players, fans, media) can see that it hasn’t worked at all.

But he is completely unadaptable. Which may be because he is inexperienced and really has no idea about how to alter the defensive schemes and counter what the opposition is throwing at him. He just flat out doesn’t have a knowledge of the game like a Chris Jones or Rich Stubler would.

Apparently he is. Rush 4 and drop 8, play after play. The only smart thing he did was mix in some blitzing on Labour Day and then abandoned it in the second half.

His schemes aren't working. If you aren't getting a rush from your front 4 (everyone and their brother only wants to rush 4 but unless you have 4 all stars up front and a great rotation, it ain't gonna happen) you have to generate pressure by blitzing and disguising your schemes.

Offensive co-ordinators must laugh when they watch our d on film. EDM is gonna have a field day with us on Saturday. Joseph won't even need to pass for 100 yards as their 3 headed monster at RB is going to go for 250 yards + and control the game clock.

Yeah but who hired him. You have these two old football guys in Cortez and Obie. Surely when they interviewed him for this all-important job they discussed with Casey what his defensive philosophy was going to be. If he presented himself with such limited knowledge then they should have picked up on that, shook his hand and shown him the door. Then bring in the next candidate.

What other options did we have though? He was available and had experience in the CFL.

He got hired and hasn't worked out. Teams make mistakes like this all the time. How many games did Greg Marshall last in SSK?

We don't know what other options there were. Only Obie and Cortez know that. I think this hiring may have something to do with an "old boys club". They probably know Denny Creehan very well and did him a favour by promoting his son. Otherwise Casey might still be a positional coach with the Bombers.

My frustration is that Chris Jones was available and we didn’t act. I don’t know who was available either but it’s freakin’ risky turning over a somewhat veteran defense to a rookie coordinator barely older than most of the guys.

Thanks for the post, Cap'n. I read Milton this morning and agreed with every word. I would hope that at this stage
the Ticat brass has been putting out feelers for defensive help. We have one castaway ready to start in our next
game and thenwhat?

Since the season is pretty well over, the time would be "NOW" to begin the building process for next year. Most
of the people talented enough to take Hamilton to a Grey cup are active and under contracts at the moment. This
shouldn't matter because without tampering, the team should be looking at contracts to determine expiry dates
and when it would be legal to go after certain people. We're stuck with Cortez for another 4 years because of his
insane contract. If a couple of his duties are relinquished however, he could turn out to be a good head coach.

So much to do, but plenty of time, since we appear to be finished for this year.

I don't know really how available Chris Jones was because he seemed to be lured away from Calgary in the middle of the night. It was a lateral move and not a promotion to the Argos which is kind of suspect since the CFL wanted the Argos to have a decent season because of the 100th Grey Cup being there. With Milanovich, Jones and Ray coming to Toronto, there may have been some backroom negotiations going on that the public will never know about.

Everybody knows that everyone's doing their best to get the Arblow's in the cup @ home.Ray to Toronto, Milanovich (who previously turned down Argos and others in HC searches in previous years), Chris Jones who was in Calgary and receiving no upgrade in job description, their facility burning down in the middle of the night (thankfully their insurance covered it!), Ticats laying down on labour day and last week + help from the refs (Chad Owens Stiff arms Nick Graham in the face mask for a solid 7 seconds, call:Face mask Ticats)

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9 games remain and only 2 wins out of a playoff spot and a game this week against the team you are chasing. tabbies can really narrow that gap.
this season is far from over. but it all comes down to what they do with these last 9 games.

when did the schedule change to a 19 game season? :wink:

Jones has said that he wanted to work with Milanovich so he probably wouldn't have moved anywhere else.

Creehan's taken a lot of heat but he can't be blamed for everything. He can't tackle for these guys---Kackert is a good back but not nearly as good as he was against the Cats. So many missed tackles on his longer runs. He can't give these guys intensity---big game and they came out as flat as Diane Keaton's chest. He can't cover guys in the secondary.

Obie didn't do his job in the off-season. Cortez is in over his head but Obie didn't get him enough quality guys. His best find was the surprise keeper Chevon Walker. His big name signings have fallen well short of expectations.

Milton is right--the team is a mess in so many ways that it's hard to say if they did this and this they'd be ok. Right now, they have more problems than answers.

An Argo-Cat fan

8 games. whatever.
you get my point. :roll:

Of anyone in the media who covers or comments on the Tiger-Cats, Steve Milton stands alone, and has for a long time, in seeing things as they really are and sharing his observations always in a fair, well thought out, and concise fashion. He understands the game, the league, the team, the city and the fans, old and young. Except for the odd poster who may have some disagreement with anything he said in his comment today, I think we could all take a break, continue to cheer for our team and await for more observations from Steve on the happenings of the next month. That's what I'm going do, with my opinions, believing that it's not over 'til it's over and that it is NOT over for the 2012 Tiger-Cats.

Exactly. Look for Edmonton to control the game clock with a great running game which every fan of the CFL knows the ticats can't stop (see Chad Kackert on Saturday), then watch everyone blame the offence because the defence gave them no time of possession.

No he wasn't available. Toronto got fined $5000 for tampering.

Very, very interesting. I had not factored their facility burning down into the conspiracy. I also wasn't aware that Milanovich had turned down HC positions before.

Stiff arm is not a penalty last time I checked unless of course it was applied using a grip on a face mask.

At any rate, 3-4 wins in a row and we are in the thick of making the playoffs.

And yes, I’ve turned down moves where I work, a lateral move though with potential for more compared with staying in my current position, simply because I didn’t think working for the other manager would be a good fit for me. Ok, I didn’t like the other manager and their policies, that I will admit. The devil you know is sometimes better than the potential devil you don’t know. These things as to who you work for and all of that, do matter. A bit of money here and there is not that important, at least to me.