Steve Milton - The Donut Box

Looks like Steve Milton from the Spec is trying his best to nickname Tim Hortons Field "The Donut Box" based on his reporting in the Spec today. I for one do not like his nickname and him pushing it through the Spec.

And this needs it’s own thread? fine, i’ll bite.

Really, I think the issue here is that a journalist misspelled “Doughnut Box”

Contrived nicknames don’t work… plus we all know, whether we like it or not, it’s the Timbit

T H F is Just Fine

Gotta get THF on the acronyms listing. :wink:

Please no nicknames related to doughnuts. THF for me as well

I thought it was the Coffee Grounds. Or is that for the entire park, with the stadium having a separate name?

i’ll nickname it ivor wynne :wink:

Like it or not I think it will end up being called "Timmies Field

And there is a song out there or was a song out there apparently called 'Tiptoe Through the Donuts'

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I's not Steve's missspelling. The credit, for that, goes to the folks at Tim Hortons who did to the u, the g and the h what they did to the ' .

This one I can live with.

Speaking of misspelling -- I'll take credit for unintentionally leaving out the "t" in my intended "It's" and adding an extra "s" to actually misspell "misspelling."

I don't like it, call it what it is, Tim Horton's Field that says it all, now the End Zones different story calling that something different like "The Hammer Zone" would be appropriate!!

The Mug.

sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I like the name "the lunchbox ". Blue collar town and blue collar team that will put an honest days work on the field!


Tim Hortons Field

Or hopefully…

Home of the Grey Cup Champions.

Anyone here for "Civic Stadium"? *

Okay, I wear a Tommy Joe Coffey jersey.