Steve Milton says the CFL was Dullsville this year

Sure, scoring was down but I think Steve is going a bit overboard with this:

"That hasn't occured, as offence has dropped off considerably and, with it, the excitement level. When the league expands they should award the next franchise to Dullsville. Although you could argue, with Ottawa returning in '08, that's where it's going anyway."

Hamilton Spectator

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A bit overboard? Perhaps. To put it more accurately he has an agenda. Which is to sell newspapers.

I suppose suffering through Hamilton's year didn't help him at all.

In my opinion the one thing that took away from the excitement this year was the ridiculous number of penalties in the kicking game. The CFL needs to address that issue before the start of the '07 season.

I have to agree with the guy that the East has sucked badly this year, even when they play amongst themselves. The West, OTOH (outside of the Eskimos) has not s.ucked at all, and we have had exciting football.

Defences overall perhaps better in the East though I think.

Since when does parity mean dull? :roll:

It may have been dull in HAMILTON this year. :lol:

If look look at the NFL , almost 50% of all NFL teams are under .500 and most of those are already out of the play offs.

I agree that new blocking rules on kick off and punts suck , however 3 quarters of CFL games this year were decide by 7 points or less. :thup:

While the CBC had more than it's share of blow outs , almost ALL of TSN's FNF games came down to the wire. :thup:

Just more CFL bashing with out any context to other football leagues. :thdn:

Toronto is not the only place that this B.S. happens. :thdn:

Canadians National disgrace! :thdn:

It's hard to figure out. At least Steve could have said the CFL this year resembled more of what "NFL only counts" fans always said made the NFL more exciting, dominating crushing defences with lower scoring rather than, as they liked to say, basketball scores in the CFL.
Of course, this wasn't mentioned.

Again , 1 rule/standard for the CFL and 1 rule/standard for all other PRO LEAGUES :thdn:

It is truly amazing that certain Canadians are just so stupid that they think that this kind of attitude written free of any charge actually HELPS Canadian business? :roll:

Can you name other country in the WORLD that puts down its own product while promoting the same product from another country? :thdn: :roll:

I CAN’T :roll:

I’ve heard that in Britain at one time, not sure now, unless a band makes it in the States, they don’t get big recognition in Britain. But that is different than actually “putting down” as you say hellothere. Maybe some soccer nuts could add to this with all the leagues worldwide where maybe this might occur, again, I don’t know.

I think you mean that attitude about music is about CANADIAN music.

Are you seeing a pattern here , now?

True enough also for Canadian music as you say.

So what the heck is it with countries that things aren't just first rate unless it is branded in the States? Weird. It's like the friggin States controls peoples minds or something. Of course, not us CFL fans, we are smarter than that! :thup:

Earl....Steve has been watching too many TigerCat games. :stuck_out_tongue:

in all honesty, this season has been dull compared to last season....things to blame:

-coaches using replay to delay game
-kick return rules
-too many back-to-backs in the schedule
-one less team

the fact that the grey cup STILL has not sold-out may be a reflection of this?

i don't thinks so drummer. I think the main factors for selling out a Grey Cup is a well organized marketing campaign and events set up by the organizing committee which includes a very incentive-driven plan with ticket prices. Look, no hosting city can guarantee that their team will be in the big game and with an outdoor contest after the sun goes down in a place like Winnipeg where it could be down-right nasty, well, that could be tough, combined with the lack of hotels. Main factors I think. Also one reason why the NFL is afraid to play a Super Bowl outdoors in New York at the end of january, could they get the huge ticket prices for a game that could be played in the snow or sleet?

True enough perhaps Doubleblue. Next year though, you wait!! :wink:

You know, I'm beginning to realize that the CAnadian media likes to eat their own. Hockey sucks. The CFL is dullsville. Curling is boring. Thats all we hear from these people.

A guy like Milton never has anything good to say about the CFL. I mean see this guy on Bob Macown's show and he can talk about baseball for an hour. He loves baseball. And basketball. But the guy is a CFL writer.

I've emailed the guy a few times about his anti-CFL articles, and he always emails me back telling me he loves the cFL and hates the NFL blah blah blah.

Yet he keeps on wrting the same negative articles on the CFL? Like I say. CAnadians just love to eat their own.

I agree the media doesn't represent the CFL in proportion to the interest the Canadian public has in it. I disagree with the berating some on this board are handing out to certain media personalities WHO ARE HONEST CFL FANS!!

Brunt, McCowan & especially Steve Milton are avid CFL fans. Mind you, these people are at the whim of editors & producers above them.

Milton makes real points.

This 2006 season:
--I don't see improved smashmouth defences (not that they didn't exist... they did) but league-wide the actual situation was that it had become harder to score points. Be my guests as to why... I think it had to do with poor field position as a result of the blocking rules coupled with a football that was harder to control... Yes plenty of games were close, but those 7 point differences were harder to overcome hence less of these games had swinging leads... hence less entertainment value for this CFL fan.

Its ok to be an honest, constructively critical CFL fan... I'm not going to pretend the league is perfect. Its been great... but something was missing this year.

I agree that constructive criticism is vital. But some of his points were hardly constructive. For example, Milton says,
"When the league expands they should award the next franchise to Dullsville. Although you could argue, with Ottawa returning in '08, that's where it's going anyway."

That's just plain ole nasty.

That was a shot, you're right. I don't think it was supposed to be the focus of the article by any means. I agree with the overall message of the article. That being the leagues diminished entertainment value in 2006 & the need to address the issue for 2007 & beyond.

While he didnt go about htis in the most tactfull way I do believe that this year was somewhat duller than years past for a few reasons.

As many have already stated the rules in the return game shouldb e changed back to how they were last year so that a block from the side is not a penalty.

Secondly I think it would be a good idea to change the ball back to the way it was last year. The needless change of sowing a stripe onto the ball clearly caused problems for most of the QBs in the league and this shows in much lower passing numbers pretty much across the board (ricky ray being the lone exception).

Penalize coaches next year for challenging something that htey cant challenge. Penalties can not be challenged! by next year every coach should know this and they should not be allowed to use the challenge as an extra timeout.

Also as was mentioned earlier a lot of back to back makes for a very dull schedule. I got season tickets this hyear for my als and hte first 5 home games were either against winnipeg or hamilton. It kinda gets boring after a while seeing the same team again and again.

Also in every sports league there is a certain equilibrium between offense and defence. For a while now offences have dominated the CFL but coaches are realising they need to have an excellent defence to stop these offences so the focus shifted to defence and playing strong defensively to make due with what the offense can produce. Itll be like this for a while until the better coaches come up with brilliant offensive schemes that can break these solid defences

Sometimes the truth is just plain ole nasty.

I could care less about kick returns I would rather see the passing game improve, this year has been brutal, the league leader in t.d's has barely 25 and passing yardage is way down. Headquarters needs to do what ever it takes to fix it, whether it be to tweek interference rules and bring in a ball that is the same size as the NFL's, also increase the play clock to allow q.b's the chance to audible at the line instead of constantly having to run plays they know are doomed but can't do anything about it.