Steve Milton re Free Agency The Spec

O Canada! Scramble for Canucks

February 14, 2009
Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Feb 14, 2009)


Steve says that getting an eighth Canadian is the way to go
because one above the minimum 7 allows for more flexibility.

If you plan for only the minimum seven Canadian starters, it leaves no breathing room elsewhere, and means that

to protect against starter-injury

there must be Canadian backups, who are
at least serviceable -- at all seven spots.

So we think the No. 1 project for Bob O'Billovich
one minute into Monday morning should be Alex Gauthier.

Gauthier is a Canadian, an offensive tackle and a starter.
That makes him a ratio-breaker, and since the Cats are likely

losing a ratio-breaker in Jesse Lumsden, they
must try to get one coming the other way.

He then talks about who we have now
who may be this year's Canadians starters...
The way things stand right now, Obie almost has to make a trade for a Canadian starter,

or hope one emerges from this year's - and prior - draft choices.

And "hope" should not be an operative verb
for a team that needs to build winner now.

So if the Cats can attract Gauthier, that's
one more spot there'd be far less pressure.

I don't think anyone can deny that Steve Milton knows what hes talking about.

The near- impossible dream for the Ticats would be to get two two outstanding

Canadian linemen. They are out there right now, and ripe for the plucking.

It a Great Story

8) What other Canadian lineman, besides Gauthier do you think is worth signing ???
  Luke Fritz ??   There isn't much else  !!!

One or more excellent Canadian o-lineman would be great! Makes for more flexibilty with the ratio thingy. In my next life, I want to be a 300 pounder o-lineman, love the look of these guys the way they walk around, cool man!!

You're right. . . Slim pickins! If they want another Canadian lineman, they may want to take a look
at our university ranks. Can't do any worse than they are now.

No better time than THIS year for Dyakowski and/or Bekasiak and/or Reid to have break-through seasons and grab a starting spot, OL or DL.

Also we have that Mace guy hidden in Buffalo.

What's wrong with Picard?

Gauthier,Marcoux,Picard,Fritz,(Dyakowski,Rottier) works for me


Murphy,Marcoux,Picard,Fritz,Gautier (Dykwoski,Rottier)

Trade Hage and Hudson to Winnipeg

Doubt they can pickup four guys...There are lots of possibilities, especialy if you can strip naked some of your competition.

if you guys sign both gauthier and murphy you will have a solid offensive line... one of the best in the league

and with your runningbacks and up and coming QB, you will have a solid offence... the last piece of the puzzle would be a reciever... maybe d.j. flick will return???

flick, rodriguez(sp) and bauman would be solid

I have a feeling Ticats signed Stala and Flick

Can't until 0001 tomorrow.
I hope they grab at least 1, if not 2 OT and 1 DL from FA list before they go after Stala and Flick