Steve Milton Quote

"How could the Ticats, their season reduced to desperation, and playing a superior team they knew would be fired up, come out so ill-prepared? That’s a coaching issue, to be sure. But it’s also about individual pride and internal leadership."

Quote from Steve Milton in todays spec. Wonder if he still feels they should wait until the end of the season to fire Taafe.

It no longer about making the playoffs its about PRIDE! Fire the bum!

seeing as there is no printed Sunday Spec....

find the story here:

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As usual, Steve Milton makes perfect sense.

They're too cheap to fire him. They don't want to fire him then have to buy out his ridiculous salary.

They had better do something fast before the whole fan base gives up hope.

I would like to see Obie as HC for the rest of the year with Dmac as his assistant and OC.

The Lummer said the team dosn’t need any new player brought in because they feel they have good enough talented players on the team right now. was that suppose to be a @#$% joke. :roll: :thdn:

He may have been talking about Creehan and/or Bellefeuille.