Steve Milton on the Cats

a very clear portrait of this four-win team has emerged.

They are the maestros of blown opportunities; the sheep dressed in wolves’ clothing; the flat-liners of crucial moments; the big-play connoisseurs pricked to death by little ones.

They are the cruel teasers of the inexplicably faithful


Check out the nasty comments on the bottom of the article.

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Steve Milton is like most of the people on this forum, NEGATIVE when the Cats lose, bash them, even kick them when there down, but when the Cats Win, LOOK OUT !! Everything is Awesome. His food taste better, his wife is prettier, even his dog likes him !!

Typical Hamilton Attitude :thdn:

That article is sopt on and those comments are stinging...

Have a look at the Tigertown Notebook for today.

We just lost badly to the last place team in the league, our playoff hopes are dwindling, and the coach muses about how fall is his favourite season and he likes the smell of mown grass, (not sure what kind he means...) then goes on to exhort the players to just have fun. Truly inspirational.

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns....

So when they win he's supposed to praise them and give glowing reviews about how great and destined for the Grey Cup they are, but when they lose he should just report the score? I used to think that way and have even voiced my opinion straight to to the face of more than one member of the media, and not in a very diplomatic way.
I was wrong, so very wrong. You can not make bad sound good, and you can't make a disaster sound like anything other than what it is. Telling the truth is not disrespectful, it's just the truth.

This team IS important, the Canadiens are booed in Montreal when they play bad. Here we don't boo as much as Habs fans but we do love to trash talk the team in the newspapers and online.

So that does mean this team is important. Which actually works. :thup: :thup: :thup:

The Leafs are tolerated, easier to buy tickets for, you expect nothing. Not so with the Habs and TigerCats although there are so many Habs fans in Montreal which is why they'll sell out about every game in the 21 thousand seater 40 or so games arena. TiCats, not as many fans, but the parallels are there, and it's a compliment I say as any comparison to the Leafs is an anti-compliment I would say.

Team’s 4-8 in a season when the GM was supposedly wheeling and dealing to make them a Cup contender. Fans are angry, and they have every right to be.

Here I go (I know Captain it's my Batshit crazy talking, well a few rye and gingers don't hurt as well :wink: )

The Cats suck, move them out of Hamilton, they are a disgrace to this community, what a joke, garbage....

Of course the above sentence translates to I love this team to hell. :stuck_out_tongue:

He's right... This year's Ticats are a worse "team" than last season. If they don't finish strong Mitchel on down all deserve to be fired. If I was Bob Young I'd be so pissed I wouldn't post on my own forum :wink:

8) You obviously were not around in the old days when the late great Spec football reporter, Bob Hanley was writing some
  cutting articles on the Cats when they lost games and looked terrible doing so !!

  However, in those days, whenever Bob critized the team, and their horrible play, it usually made the players mad, and 
   they responded in a positive manner, and turned their season around.

    That doesn't seem to work anymore with this least so far.

     Steve Milton is a very knowledgeable football reporter and writer, and he should be commended for his great articles.

      He tells it like it is.

Speaking about nasty comments, read this comment from an Oiler's fan on an article about Daryl Katz, owner of the Oilers, shopping around Seattle in wake of Seattle's announcement of a new arena to be built and the problems in Edmonton concerning building a new arena:

i have been a die hard oiler fan for over 30 years and with this BETTMAN in place and the continued AMERICANIZATION and GREED ruining our GREAT SPORT I really don't care anymore go ahead move every friggin team to the U.S for all i care,the level of ignorance,greed and rules being changed has done everything to turn lifelong fans against the NHL,change it to the AHL and shove it all the way up your greedy #% until you choke on it!

Some unhappy sports fans out there I will say. :o

Steve Milton tells it like it is. He speaks from a fan perspective with enough realism to not be biased. The cats have been a shit team with shit management and shit coaching for a decade, that's why we're negative. Then they come out so strong and looking so invincible and it gives us all this hope and that's why you see praise the following week, because we have all this false hope that the team will turn it around. That's why you have the perspective of most Tiger-Cat fans that you do. The Edmonton victory was the last week that I'll ever have any hope for this team until I see them four games above .500 or win a championship because once again I feel embarrassed for myself and disappointed for having that false hope for how many times(?) in even just a few years.

Well it really doesn't matter if you have 8 teams, 18 teams, 28 teams, 48 teams, 1000 teams etc. if you have one team like Montreal that is all together, which the Cats aren't compared with Montreal, you're chances of winning in your division are not that good. Montreal is still proving they are the class of the east and it goes through them. Crossover is another issue of course.

Hey, I'm old enough to remember him !! I recall a feature he used to have called "Bob Hanley's Corner". . . great stuff, thanks Tipper for the refresher !

The players ought to post the above in every one of their lockers, & on any surface at the bench where they can see it. If they want it taken down, they have to play in such a way that it's no longer applicable.

Cap'n: Thanks for the heads up on a very well written and perceptive column by Steve Milton.
The quote is priceless....and unfortunately....right on the money.

Steve has been giving his keyboard a good workout during these troubled days in Tigertown. In his most recent comment, comparing the winning and losing streaks of the CFL teams this year, he includes these sad stats:

"In the 1950s the Cats won at a .644 percentage; in the '60s it was .614; in the '70s they fell to .454; in the 1980s it was .494, in the '90s a horrible .394 and, so far in the new century, it's an anorexic .360. Right now they're at .333."

Yikes! How the mighty have fallen.