Steve Milton on Jesse

Check out what Steve Milton wrote in today's Spec about our crowded backfield and specifically what he said about Jesse.

But we'll say this out loud: if they somehow manage to let Jesse Lumsden escape (he's a free agent in February), they're as confused and as misled as their predecessors, whose messes they're always talking about cleaning up.

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Talk amongst yourselves

I think the uncertainty over Jesse is part of the reason Keith was signed.
But regardless the combination of Keith, Jesse and Terry Caulley in the backfield should be potent stuff. If one gets injured the other two will certainly get the job done. I just hope the O-line is improving.
With Porter starting against BC, I would say we are looking at the future of this team.

I think more importantly is the statement about loading up on "options".

KK will play in BC and a strong performance will help to endear himself to the Hamilton fans.

If the Ticats can pull off a win in BC it will really be great. I'll be there to cheer them on! :rockin:

Milton can write whatever he wants, but he's not the GM.

Obie has to plan for the future of the team. The way I see it, if Jessie hasn't signed an extension yet, he never intends to. Obie bounced Armstead out of town for doing the same thing: he was offered an extension, and refused. Obie realizes you can't take a player's word that they will re-sign eventually. Players often promise things, just to get more money from other clubs. Remember Ed Hervey doing that to Ottawa a few years back when he was a free agent? Ottawa was basically used by Hervey to get a bigger paycheque out of Edmonton. Lumsden would do the same thing to Hamilton in a heartbeat. Don't kid yourself.

Milton's cubicle must be close to Kenny's. He's been contaminated.

Sign an elite player and look for the dark cloud in the silver lining. Even when one isnt readily available Milton looks for one five mos. down the road. Love how Caulley's dinged up knee (which completely nullifies the "mess argument") is buried in the column.

Every other team would be happy and optimisic. Here? We look for problems.

Only In Hamilton. :thdn:

Man, it would be tough throwing all that money (assuming it would be 120K +) for Jesse and then have him down for half the year. Injuries happen but Im sure it is difficult on the football staff to worry about juggling the ratio every time Jesse is in or out of the line up.

There's always convincing Jesse to make the switch to slot.


At least according to the National Post article that quotes Obie.


That might work except even Jesses biggest supporters know that his hands can I put this.....questionable?

Also, take a look at any "biggest hits" video, most of the big ones are on receivers....maybe they take less than RBs but the ones they take are usually huge.

Methinks that if Jesse wants to have a long career, he better have Ozzie teach him how to place kick.

Didn't see the piece in the National Post. I'll check it out.
I read the Globe this morning. They had a piece on the Blue team but nothing on the Keith signing out in the hinterland.. Nothing on their website either. Shame on them.

8) I would bet you would do the same thing also, if you were in Jesse's shoes !!
  What player wouldn't  ????

 There is no such a thing as loyalty anymore in sports, it's the player against management every where you go  !!

Lumsden's uncertain future
led Ticats to Keith

Sean Fitz-Gerald, National Post

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Obie, unlike some clairvoyant fans doesn't
have a crystal ball to see into the future.

He said this about signing Kenton Keith.

"Jesse has indicated that he wants to wait
[to negotiate] until the end of the season,

and with him into the option year,

there's no guarantee we're
going to get the deal done.

And if we don't, and if we're just relying
on Jesse, it wouldn't be a very good situation."

He is covering his backside in case
he can't get Jesse to re-sign here.

By the way, Jesse is testing free agency, to see
if he get a big offer from ANY team in the CFL

He has said that, all things being equal
he would prefer to remain a Tiger Cat.

Obie, Jesse and I are willing to
let the universe unfold as it will.

It makes no sense to break the bank on a player that for a variety of reasons (NFL tryouts 2 years in a row and now injuries) plays less than 50% of the time…in fact he’s not even close to being available for 50% of the snaps. I don’t blame Jesse for looking for the biggest possible payday. Most rb’s only last 3-5 years in the pros anyway; there are exceptions but not guys that miss as many games as Jesse does. Realistically he has one more pro contract to sign. It will be interesting to see who might be willing to overpay for Jesse. I know one thing, we should give him the ball a lot for the remainder of this season. If he lands back on IR, well it will be an easy decision from a team standpoint. Milton is nuts to imply that we should pay this guy whatever it takes. Its not personal, just the business side of the game and I’m with OBIE on the decision to sign Keith.

I've already started another thread about Fitz-Gerlad's article in the National Post here:

since this thread is about Steve Milton's articel int he Spec.

I see it as both Jessie and Obie keeping all their options open, no big deal.
If Jessie elects to go somewhere else for more money then more power to him; I think he's smart enough and if necessary will discuss with experienced people (= his father, most likely) to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages and not go elsewhere for a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, I think Obie is smart enough to know Jessie's value to the team beyond just an RB and won't let a few thousand dollars stand in the way of re-signing him.