Steve Milton - M.I.A.?

Anyone read any recent Steve Milton articles? .... Or heard anything about Steve?

There's been nothing from him in The Spec.

But then again .... there's not much of anything in The Spec anymore.

I spoke to Mr Milton at the recent TiCat Ambrosie event. He was walking with a cane and said he had recently had a hip replacement and was on medical leave for a while. I don’t remember how long he was going to be out of commission but he was planning on returning.

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That clarifies that. Thanx !!

Here's hoping he gets back in time for training camp.

Marshall Ferguson would be a prudent hire for the Spec . He's young, loves

football and he must be smart . He went to McMaster . Milton covers a

variety of sports. Cats fans need at least equal coverage with the Jays ,

Raptors, and Loafs .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Something tells me there's nothing to gain for a guy like Ferguson at The Spec. It's a dying medium and their paywall website's readership is probably very sparse.

I still buy our hometown “Waterloo Region Record”, part of the Torstar chain, like the Spec. I don’t know if it is the medium as much as it is those of us who still like to read a printed version who are dying? People still read the news, but seem to prefer the electronic, albeit sometimes unedited and unverified, version.

That's absolutely true. And some legacy papers have transitioned well to the digital world.

I feel however the Spec is a shell of its former self and that the CFL's media coverage, readership and the dollars for those who work in that circle have shifted away from the Spec's sports section.

Steve Milton has been a CFL supporter for years and I always enjoy his writing. His analysis and articles are remarkably spot on. Even though his role has not been as the official Ti-Cat "beat reporter", Steve has done his fair share of helping to keep the Tiger-Cat brand relevant in this day and age. Hopefully Mr. Milton has a speedy recovery from his health issues. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well said ... Steve is a great scribe who is passionate about everything Hamilton.

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Come back soon Uncle Milty

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