Steve Milton confirms LeFevour has torn ACL

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I do believe that I'll borrow a Simpsons quote for this one.

Homer: Kids, would you step outside for a second? (Kids run out, Homer stands up and takes a huge breath.) F---
(Cue the church organ, birds flying away, everyone on the street stopping.)
Ned: Dear Lord! That's the loudest profanity I've ever heard.

Well there's another kick in the head.

My heart breaks for Dan. He was finally getting his shot and could have potentially cashed in through free agency. I'm hoping for a full and speedy recovery for him.

Highly predictable when you have a rookie qb who is a better running that your first string qb. Bush league at it's best. Rearrange the deck chairs anyone?

Let me correct my previous post. " A rookie qb who is a much better running back than the first string running back"

Very True guys and take it easy Dan, Get healthy again.

What part of a QB tearing his ACL is bush league? I'm so confused.

Just didn't look that bad when it happened ... the way his knee twisted it definitely looked like he might have torn it, but by his reaction I was a bit relieved that it might just be a sprain. Dude is tough as nails, torn ACLs make grown men cry like babies. Seen a girl tear her ACL before and it was intense to say the least ... also the second time she had done it in like two years, poor girl.

But damn this sucks, I was impressed with Dan and figured he was playing his way into a shot at starting in Montreal next season. I doubt we ever see him in a Ti-Cat uni again which is kind of a bummer.

I hope Collaros is closer to playing than we all think.

Yup. He was playing well considering the circumstances. An unfortunate injury, to say the least.

8) From what I observed, it was pretty obvious that Dan was in a lot of pain !!
 When Dr. Levy was working on his knee, Dan was grabbing his head because of the pain he was enduring, just by the 
  movements that the Dr. was performing on his knee !!   Not a pleasant sight to watch.

Haha ok point taken, I was going to ask if this was just me who thought this, but still it just didn't fit the scene of a usual ACL tear, or so I think at least. I still can't get the image of Marcus Lattimore tearing his ACL for the second time out of my head...dude looked lost.

Regardless, screw ACL injuries, I hate them, can't imagine the pain Dan was in and hope his road to recovery isn't too long.

LeFevour will undergo surgery in the next few weeks and is done for the season.

Was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.
I feel for the guy, he gave it all he had and then some.
I really hope he is back next year!!!

Terrible news,and on a play that looked so innocent when it happened,he wasn't even tackled or touched on that play. It
simply looked like he caught his cleat the wrong way on the turf,and his foot went one way and his knee went the other way.
This is fast becoming the "Season from Hell" for this team and it's fans,it looks like barring something out of the
ordinary that this team is stuck with the Law Firm of Masoli,McGee and Harris as our QB trio until hopefully Collaros comes back and the sooner the better. The only saving grace to this season is that it looks like a putrid record of 6-12
will get us a play-off spot in the (L)East,which is hard to believe when you think that two years ago we ended up dead last in the league with that very same record :oops:

have to say that I did not think Lefevour could do as well as he did as a starter. He was able to get the O moving and just looked very comfortable as a starter.
I still like Masoli but he really needs to tone down the gunslinging forcing downfield.
I understand the metality that a RB needs to be a good blocker now a days with 5 wide still the main set.
But still a RB that best trait is actually running the ball is needed for sure.
Now weather it is Gable who is not good enough at running the ball or the offense does not put him in the position to carry the ball more effectively.
I agree that having a RB able to run the ball for a 100 yards plus if needed

ACL...tough break, he was looking like he might be the dark-horse for the 2014 CFL season. He was starting to look good in there. The little that Masoli played he looked good as well though, so perhaps he can turn a few heads. He has a really unique release and can be scary if he rolls out. In all honestly, if he had not got himself in trouble in his NCAA and continued developing he may have stuck in the NFL

Is that you Jeremiah. :wink:

Agree. This is a really tough break for Dan. :frowning: Do hope that Collaros is able to return soon and stay healthy down the stretch.

I had the opportunity to watch him at a few games back when he was in school. He was just one of those players that stuck in your mind when watching him...intensity...he was like watching chaos in a bottle. Whenever I see that, the person sticks in my mind.

Tough break, no pun intended. If Collaros isn't lights out when he returns, Lefevour showed enough to warrant a shot at the #1 job next season.

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