Steve Milton article, then lengthy discussion of Kent Austin’s record...

Steve Milton with the Spec, has come up with another classic column following that miserable defeat in Ottawa yesterday.
In his usual precise and as insightful manner, Steve provides us all with an uncoloured and all-encompassing wrap-up of the season.

We still have posters on here who want Jones back to give us more heartache…and even one who predicts we will be in first place next season.
Maybe their misplaced optimism about the state of this team will moderate after they recover from their hangover.

That steam-rollering we got from Ottawa yesterday, in what has really been a two-team East division this year, was inexcusable.

This team and all of us fans, need decisive changes made, especially in the coaching ranks, starting the day after the Grey Cup. Unless someone decides we don’t need Orlondo as the next HC.

Thanks for pointing that article out. It’s a good summary of another disappointing season.

I’d certainly like to see Orlondo have a shot at the HC position. Really, who wouldn’t?

Great line from Steve’s column “given the previous loss of four other impact receivers, but a huge part of successful football is overcoming setbacks, sometimes multiple ones.” (See Calgary)

Rick Campbell 4 - June Jones = 0 The real fact of the matter was each win by Ottawa was more and moredominate.I am not sure what Jones could do in the offseason to become a better coach? Strategy/passion is in your blood - fundamentalingredientsto win.

Don’t want to lose Orlando and we brought him back for a reason. Start the transition now, 99 is becoming a distant memory… why wait longer?

Took awhile for Milton to start noticing stuff this year but eventually he did.

Careful! Your crossing the line of #realfans #masolielite !

Wonder what difference it could have made if media noticed the same stuff as yesterday much earlier in the year and put Jones/Glanville’s feet to the fire…it’s not like they lacked evidence for it.

Instead of the nostalgia trips and chuckling at their stories.

So now your tired of attacking Drew Edwards that you start on Milton??

Sarcastic critic of all things Ticat.

You should step up and report as a free lancer and see how easy it is.

You’d rather sit back, criticize, ridicule, think your funny, etc. etc.

Very tiring after a full season of it. And I’m sure you’ll fill you days continuing to do so at the detriment of this forum for the entire off season. You make it so much fun on here.

Rant over.

It’s so much more fun to be mocked and ridiculed by the elites around here for being critical of anything Tiger Cat. Real fans never find fault in their team right?

Great article by Steve Milton. It’s deja vu all over again with this team — sub .500 season (again). No pass rush, inability to defend/cover, no run game, weak O line, very questionable coaching (game plan, adjustments, use of personnel…on and on). We were totally outcoached, outclassed and outplayed.
What’s worse – it appears that the senior brass on this team actually think this team is very good. They clearly overevaluate Ticat talent and/or underestimate the match ups.

Reality check — time to clean house from top down – starting with Scott Mitchell. June Jones makes horrible in-game decisions, and clearly is not up to the task of coaching a championship calibre team. I wouldn’t say he is a horrible coach, but nor has he produced. Does he deserve another year? I don’t think so…what’s the definition of insanity???
The defensive coordinator is not much better and likely worse – regardless of his pedigree.

The proof is in the pudding. This team has been mediocre to rotten for most of the Bob Young / Scott Mitchell era. We’re a laughing stock.

What difference do you think it would have made? Do you think Jones and Glanville would have been fired if reporters were more critical? There was no chance of that happening this year.

Do you think Jones would have changed his coaching style in response to media criticism? This is a guy who was recently called the "worst coach in america". Like him or not, criticism doesn't phase him. The guy is 65 years old, at this point he is what he is.

Not an attack just noticed it took awhile. Better later than never. Some never did.

Don't know that's why I asked.

Noticing and pointing out uncomfortable things is, I would suggest, their job.

Gotta hand it to Jones/Glanville they had the media mollified and tamed from the start.

The one thing they truly did well.

I don’t get what they want…what is there ever to talk about if we can’t be critical, it’s not fun or healthy to be happy and optimistic all the time about everything. The interesting threads are always gonna be the critical of Ticats ones it’s not gonna be the “so and so had a good game” threads cause there’s nothing to say when everything’s good just “yep sure did have a good one.” Then end of thread.

I posted a thread called “please release Mike Jones” and whatever you think about it or wherever your opinion stands, people had something to talk about for like 20 pages. This forum dies if we aren’t completely critical of the team especially when they lose.

Jones and Glanville were good with the media. Stark contrast from Kent Austin, who was incredibly abrasive.

Wonderful. They learn how to actually beat teams that matter and we'll have the league by the tail.

and yet we still lost 11 out of 20 games that we played

Must be plenty of stress coaching and GMing a team to back to back GC appearances.

Not as much stress coaching to a losing record I suppose.

You were the one that asked the question. I already said that how coaches deal with the media has no impact on what happens on the field.

Yet to be demonstrated how making beta media and fans members feel bad makes team lose football games.

As does making same feel comfortable and warm makes for wins.