Steve McNair Shot and Killed in Tennessee

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A person with knowledge of the situation had told The Associated Press that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been shot and killed.

Meanwhile, is reporting that the former Tennessee Titans quarterback suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville, according to police. A female victim was also found dead, police spokesperson Don Aaron told

McNair played 13 seasons in the NFL – including 11 with the Titans. McNair retired after the 2007 season after two years with the Baltimore Ravens.

I know it Ticats Based but Still Sad to see this …

Sorry to hear that. Sad for him to go so young. :frowning:

He was only 36
Pollice are not being forth coming 2 Gun Shot woonds inside a Condo
along with a Women who also Died..

Wow. Seems like only yesterday I was watching this guy winning games. So sad.

Kind of sounds like a Murder/Suicide to me. But I'm just guessing.

Sad story whatever happened though. Too bad.

NFL Network is following the story -- if they come through with more details, I will relate them.

Oski Wee Wee,

Forget about gun control. We need bullet control !! :expressionless:

I'm watching CNN but nothing yet. They're still pounding away at the Michael Jackson story with a sprinkling of Sarah Palin and her bizarre presser yesterday.

McNair shot 4 times.

20 year old female shot once.

Gun found in room.

Oski Wee Wee,

Steve Mcnair was found shot to death out side his condo in downtown nashville for more info


We already new that its kinda of what the thread is about?....

This story stinks of murder-suicide. I'm sure that in the coming weeks we'll learn that McNair was murdered and then the girl turned the gun on herself. It's a terrible thing.

My question is...

Why are American's so intent on the "right to bear arms"?

I understand the thinking behind this when the constitution was first drafted but it's an old outdated "right".

Another thing that makes me say "hmmmm' is...

Is it wrong that I'm almost becoming immune to the fact that every year it seems that ex-NFL players are involved in murders? and/or other serious crimes?

These days NFL teams, in the off season, now have to worry about losing players to Free agency, retirement, murder or the US penal system.

BUT... mainly I hope Steve rests in peace and that his family is coping as best they can.

RIP Steve

His young girlfriend shoots him 4 times and shoots herself, she was only 20. What’s this have to do with the right to bear arms???
If it wasn’t a gun she probably would have knifed him when he slept.

I wish we had the “right to bear arms” why can’t law abiding citizens own guns??
Just make it a serious sentence if you use one in a crime.

By the way why are their so many gun crimes in Toronto?? and Vancouver??
Do some research dude!