Steve McNair found dead

Now I know this is might be the wrong forum for this, but I just felt I would show respect for a great man and a great QB. I saw this on TSN, they reported that the police found him McNair shot to death in his home. To all of Steves freinds, family, and fans, you are in my prayers.

Steve McNair Shot and Killed in Tennessee ... 383176.txt

A person with knowledge of the situation had told The Associated Press that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair has been shot and killed.

Meanwhile, is reporting that the former Tennessee Titans quarterback suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville, according to police. A female victim was also found dead, police spokesperson Don Aaron told

McNair played 13 seasons in the NFL -- including 11 with the Titans. McNair retired after the 2007 season after two years with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ive never heard of him did he used to play here or tried out for a CFL team? He must have been involved in something unless its a random act of course, but if you say in his home sounds like he was targeted.


Condolences to his family and friends... here is a link to the story on TSN's website:

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Definitely sad news. He just retired, what, a year ago? Didn't even get to enjoy retirement. :frowning:

Truly sad news. RIP and my prayers to the family.

How many times is this gonna happen to NFL players????? Sean Taylor shot dead in his Florida home, Rishard Collier was paralyzed from the waist down and lost a leg. It's sickening.

RIP Air McNair, great great great player who i always wanted to see hold the lombardi trophy.
Peace man, Peace

Dont forget Darrent Williams....

Just horrible. Great QB, one of my favorites because of his unmatched toughness.

Yeah and Darrent Williams, thanks for reminding me Jman

Amen to that, he was one of the toughest guys to play the game and I think very underated because of that. and to think that Tennesee let him go for Vince Young.


I don’t think Steve was a thug type of guy. Very well spoken and also doing something for the community. I’ll always remember that dangerous backfield of Steve McNair-Eddie George.

No idea what happened. Last I heard, it is being suspected that it was a murder suicide, the woman who was also found dead, being the murderer.

Absolutely disgusting.


If they were after him for a reason, then he got that 20 year old girl killed. :frowning:


OMG, a shame, RIP Steve, you really were a great one and a Hall of Famer if injuries didn't cut your career short. Great talent, didn't know you as a man but a great football player.