Steve McGee

Lefevour : Brain but no arm.

Masoli. Arm but no brain

McGee: ?

Cats may not have a choice in seeing what he has.

I was also wondering what this guy has to offer. Has anybody seen McGee get any reps in practice? How does he look compared to the other QBs?

He a Cross Between Ted Nugent & ZZ Top as QB
Here a NFL Scouting Report on him

Positives: Legitimate NFL frame. Good toughness. Has absorbed a lot of hits throughout his career and is willing to play through pain. Legitimate arm strength. Good zip on his passes, especially on short and intermediate routes. Flashes the arm strength and trajectory for deep passes with touch over the top. Good athlete who can buy time in the pocket and also make plays as a runner in the open field. Good agility and strength for the position as a runner. Solid week of practice at the East-West Shrine Game offers hope that he can develop with time in a pro-style offense. Excellent intangibles. Natural leader who was voted permanent team captain in 2006. Twice led the Aggies to upset victories over rival Texas.

Negatives: Raw as they come. More of a thrower than a passer at this point. Inconsistent footwork and delivery. Inconsistent accuracy, mostly due to flawed technique. Still acclimating to reading a defense from a passer standpoint. Lacks patience in the pocket and will either run or force passes too often, rather than check down. Needs to be cleared medically due to the torn labrum suffered during his senior year.

Compares To: KYLE BOLLER, St. Louis – Like Boller, McGee is going to entice more than a few teams on his athletic ability alone. The problem is, he is an athlete first and a quarterback a distant second. He needs a complete refinement of his footwork and throwing mechanics. Unless a team has depth at his position, he will get lost in the shuffle, as he is more likely a developmental squad candidate that a roster performer - at least for the next few years.

You can read the Rest here : … cal/516606

Where would you put Collaros in this list of qualities ?

Good Arm Great Brain, No body …?

That report is from 2008. His time with the Dallas Cowboys surely has helped him develop in some of the areas he was “weaker” in.

I too, would like to see what he can do up here.

the Cowboys were forced to sign Kyle Orton to take over that role, because McGee could never display the ability to throw the ball downfield on a consistent basis. On September 1, 2012, he was cut by the team before the start of the season.
McGee tried out for the Chicago Bears on December 12, 2012, but wasn't signed by the team.[37]

From Wikipedia

His stats with Dallas where not great 2 game 50% 1 year
1 Game 60% the next Then cut cause needed a vet QB
see here ... GeSt00.htm