Steve Mariucci mentions CFL

today he said many Tiger-Cats and Argo fans are Bills fans, and it is CFL area first and Bills second. He also said many Cats and Argo fans use Bills to get their football fix in the off season lol. I'm just surprised he knows the CFL.

Well with Jeff Garcia his quarterback for 3 years or what ever length of time, I am not surprised.

Wasn't he in Hamilton a couple of years ago for something, I remember seeing him on the field talking about something at half time. Ah, I know, the Damon Allen all pro passing record, I think he coached Damon at high school or college. He knows the CFL very well.

Yes he was.

I think Mariucci coached Damon at college (San Jose State?)

Why does it matter so much when an American person mentions the CFL? :roll:

It gives us a feeling of self worth.

It is stupid.

Maybe we should all just submit right now and become the 51st state.
This NFL to Toronto thing is more then NFL vs CFL in my mind.
It supporting Canada first.
The CFL is a Canadian institution.
Anybody who promotes something from another country over our own is a traitor in my books.
And many Canadians feel the same way.

...guess you'll be trading in your ford/chev/dodge/volvo/toyota/bmw for a, er, um, bombardier then?....

No. I drive a CAmi. Built in Ingersoll, Ontario.
Whats your point?

...not sure what the heck a CAmi is, but I'll assume its a vehicle of some kind, built in Ontario yes, but with technology developed outside of Ontario, financed outside of Ontario, reporting to a head office outside of Ontario...the world is interwoven such that one cannot divorce the 'outside' world because of patriotism...but whatever dude, you're going to feel the way you feel regardless of what is said here...

...sorry, but I gotta go buy a whoole bunch of american made stuff so I can enjoy the superbowl tomorrow...better phone CSIS and let them in on my little plan berey, they already have a file open on me anyway...

EVerything I say goes right over your head Reddy.
I sometimes think I'm responding to a bunch of highschool kids.
I don't get where you're coming from, and why you feel my posts are somehow a personal afront to yourself?
Because trust me. You ain't that imprortant.


Actually , berezin , we are the 51st state economically.. its called "Free Trade".

I cant understand why we need to legitimize the CFL by having the American media say positives about the league. We KNOW we have a good league, so lets make its the best it can be!

maybe the nfl should play some games in Sask, or Calgary, and put your teams in jeopardy, then you get it, sure sign of losing an argument, resorting to personal attacks...

...did you ever think that maybe we already get it but do not think the sky is falling simply because the Bills want to try to appease a fan base that already exists in southern ontario?....btw, rumours abound about similar games possibly being held in Vancouver and Edmonton, and look: no bomb shelters are being built....

And you are important? Look the big problem with you is that the universe revolves around you. YOu are almighty by the looks of it. The real problem it only happens in your mind.

It won't be a problem heck at $250 a seat not many are going to snap them up. I had my NFL fix and frankly it was not worth it. I prefer to be entertained the CFL does that and at a great cost. I would be more worried if they gave the NFL tickets away each game. But it appears the Buffalo owner at his age will $uck a bunch of NFL youngsters who have more money then brains to the game. But at the end of the day will they get their $250 worth. :lol: :lol: Do not bet on it. Ralph from Buffalo is doing exactly that $ucking fans in to make a profit. Hanging the carrot in front of a lot of wanna be NFL fans. There will always be football fan and their will be CFL fans.